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LT207: Conversation With Readers


I sense that we may start having a weekly posting entitled “A Conversation with Readers”. Ben is always sending comments back to me and it can make for some good posting to have a dissection of the stuff here. In fact every reader of LOST TIDBITS is encouraged to email me or post a comment at the bottom of each posting with any questions or comments or feedback. We can have a weekly “Conversation with Readers” blog!

First, thanks for the shout-out a few posts ago, I like being acknowledged for stuff.

You are welcome. When you write then we all have more to think about.


Speaking of, I think you misunderstand Sayid and Ben's relationship...the tension between the two of them was an act to gain Hurley's trust, and perhaps to mislead Jack about their relationship.

This made me thing of Sayid shooting the guy outside the Santa Rosa Mental Hospital. This makes me think Sayid has not left his bad days in the service of Ben behind. But I don’t know if it is an act per se since a) Sayid walked away, b) Jack doesn’t seem to need convincing every since he uttered, “Kate, we have to go back”, and c) the plan to lure Hurley in seems to have failed miserably.


The thing about John's b-day and the makes sense that the song is still on the air 3 years after it was made. Hell, it still plays on the air.

Funny thing is that I happened to be re-reading that very post and caught the same thing. So I did some more digging and discovered my mistake. In prior seasons we have seen John’s birthday on documents as May 1956 while the song was released in 1957. My bad.


About Danielle's gun not firing, remember when she first met Sayid, she told him she took out the firing pin? Also, I don't think Smokey took over their bodies, or else Danielle wouldn't have been able to kill him with a shot.

I do recall that Danielle explained her forward thinking now that you point it out. So we can rule out the island not letting the gun fire like it did with Michael.

As for demon possession, let’s call it what it is, not being possible or a bullet wouldn’t have stopped the corporeal body…I’ll agree with you on that. So then what got inside their heads? We can’t even consider a manifestation or we have the same general problem. It almost seems like brain washing is our best choice. And this has some merit considering we have seen brain washing taking place with Karl.


What was your point about the Earth not being flat? How does that have anything to do with Lost? It's like you wrote a History term paper and wanted to post it.

The flat earth was compared to an island, just like our island on LOST. The thing that makes LOST such a great show is that there are deeper levels beyond a 43-minute entertainment value…there is depth that is rarely seen on TV. I’m just trying to explore that.

But I hear you: more LOST and less history lessons.


Nice catch on the Ben reaction to Desmond...I didn't even consider Ben's motivation to kill Penny...I think he's got too many other things on his mind.

I don’t think much gets forgotten in that mind of his. He is probably thinking, “Great, two birds with one stone.”


Also nice catch on the Hurley recording thing...I'll have to check it out.

Thanks. Be sure to focus on the last two numbers, 23 and 42. If that isn’t Hurley then my name isn’t KC.

Furthermore, think of the implications of this is Hurley was the one to record the original transmission! It sort of takes me back to a theory that has died out where LOST was all in Hurley’s mind. Twist that a little bit with what we know now and it leads us to some strange possibilities!


I guess we can kiss goodbye on the flashes being 108 min apart theory...since those two flashes happened one right after the other.

My wife said the same thing with the last episode. Sara, a reader of TIDBITS, and her friend are going to be disappointed. Which reminds me to point out again that a friend of mine thinks it is strange that the people who comment the most on TIDBITS is named Ben, Sara and Michael.

Theory #844 on the flashes…I think I posted this once, but some are curious if the Others aren’t controlling the flashes. They feel that Juliet seems to be talking when it happens like there is some keyword spoken and WHAM, the island moves. Not much support to this theory but then in the history of religion there is a group that believes that God merely spoke and things came to be. Hmmm…


You don't have to waste your time with any more black and white stuff, they've got it all on the Lostpedia website.

You sure are a tough critic. But I’m listening. I’ll wrap it up quickly.


I agree that it's incredulous that Rousseau's partners would've gone into the temple.

One thing to consider is how recently the French team had arrived. If we recall back when the Survivors first fell from the sky they seemed to make some rash decisions too until they learned to be a bit more gun-shy. If you re-watch that scene they all stood there with little intention of going in the hole…until their friend called out to them. There is something powerful about a friend asking for help. Plus they were likely suffering from a wee bit of post traumatic stress. I’ll give the writers a pass on this.


Christian IS creepy...I don't even want to know how he's involved in all this.Any news on them saying anything just before a flash? It seems like as soon as they're in peril, a flash occurs...Is a god or demon controlling the flashes for them?

Nothing confirmed on the Others controlling things with a keyword, but I’m keeping my eyes and ears open.

God or demon controlling things…read my final post on the Black and White theory (coming soon) and you’ll see we are heading in the same direction.


Good idea on Charlotte being Ben and Annie's daughter, but Charlotte would have to be much younger...Ben must've been born in the late 60's, and by appearance, Charlotte late 70's. Charlotte could be Annie's sister maybe?

We know Charlotte is 25 years old as her birthday is July 2, 1979. We know Ben was born somewhere in the 1960’s but no exact date has been offered. That is cutting it a bit close, but could be as much as 19 years apart. Many people have kids before 19 years old. And I only have a gut feeling that in more primitive societies (is Lostville primitive enough to qualify), the child-bearing is usually at a younger age. Plus, the Dharma Initiative wanted people pregnant.

Recall that Ben felt 16 was too young to be “dating” for Alex, but once you are an adult…I’m just saying the window of opportunity was there.

Or maybe…this is going to be wild, so hope you are sitting down…is it possible that these time flashes are “adding time” to life on the island? I mean, is it possible to consider that between say 1984 and 1986 that five years of time passed for the island inhabitants? Remember time is an illusion and owned by the observer, so could it be that time on the island is like double-time? Or would that be half-time?


Do you know where the church Eloise it at is located? Is it in Los Angeles?

The church is located in Los Angeles in the show. This is why Desmond showed up because Mr. Widmore told him to find her in LA. This seems to contradict with the instructions given to Desmond by Daniel, but watchful viewers have pointed out that Los Angles has an area of town known as Oxford. In fact, that investigative report delivered to Sun with the box of chocolates mentions an Oxford City Cab company in LA. So it could have been that Daniel got “cut off” (which happens a lot) before explaining which Oxford. Or it is just another freaky coincidence for the benefit of the show.


I've heard a few other people say that they think that Thomas is Widmore's son. That makes Aaron a descendent of Christian and Widmore.

How interesting, NCJL! It sort of reminds me of those arranged marriages but in this case an arranged child. Now if they had named the kid Damien, that would have really be spooky.

This would make Aaron 25% Shephard and 25% Widmore. How about that for a family gathering every Thanksgiving?


It is always a pleasure to hear from readers.

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