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LT197: Number Crunching


Sara writes to propose a question about whether the jumping points are spaced 108 minutes apart. She notes that my last post was sort of a gentle reminder to not forget about the numbers.

To answer this I think we first need to remind ourselves of some evidence we have. The producers have stated that the “power” behind the numbers will never be fully explained. If we have learned anything from this show is to not take everything the producers say literally. But for now it is all we have. To me it seems like a distraction technique on the part of the producers.

Many fans however are convinced the numbers are just an interesting element…a sweetening effect, if you will, but with little direct purpose.

If you take the majority of viewers and the producers, well, the numbers then might have nothing to do with the jump points.

However, I’m not convinced yet. Not only do I propose they represent Doomsday, but they don’t go away. The walkie-talkie was repeating the numbers as the French team landed on shore. You don’t include something like that without some purpose.

Ok, once you decide if the numbers even have a direct impact on the events, then we can answer your question. I do not see a pattern of 108 minutes between jump points.

But let’s crunch some numbers to find out.

--Starting Point: December 30, 2004 and the island moves.

--Jump Point #1: 1998-2002

The time spent in this time period is measured by how long it would take Daniel to get to shore, explain a few things and then head off to the Swan Hatch. Could that have happened in 1 hour and 48 minutes? Sure, I’ll buy that.

-- Jump Point #2: January 2005

The time spent in this time period is measured by the group arriving at what is left of the Swan Hatch (not much) and how long it takes Richard to treat and talk to Locke. This part seemed hurried to me, but we could say 1 hour and 48 minutes. Sure, let’s keep going.

-- Jump Point #3: Between 2001 and 2004

This jump seems to be closer than Jump Point #1 and again fails to connect with a number.

The time spent in this period is how long the group spent at the Swan Hatch now that it was back. Sawyer tried knocking and Daniel spoke to Desmond. This didn’t seem to take but minutes, but I will say it felt a lot less time was spent here then say a full day.

-- Jump Point #4: 1954

Now we get a 50-year jump from Starting Point and 46 years from the last jump point. Again, no patter here.

The time spent here is equal to how long it takes to go from the creek, to the camp, be held in a tent, and be walked to the Jughead bomb. Yeah, it could be about two hours.

-- Jump Point #5: November 1, 2004

The time spent here is to walk part way to the beach. Sure, that fits the 108 minute window.

-- Jump Point #6: 2005 or later

How long to reach the beach, grab a canoe and get paddling? Seems plausible.

-- Jump Point #7: 1988

This is where we left off and some time has been taken for Danielle’s team to reach the shore.

CONCLUSION: I think it fits. Each phase lasts 108 minutes! See? The numbers do mean something!


The Latin language lost its place in the 1600’s. My guess is that someone selected this language because it was their native language. Richard? Just how old is this guy?


When Sun has the package delivered to her we see photos of Jack and Ben together. And there is a file containing a report. The camera gives us all a clear shot of it:

The last post identified the website where this report came from, but a few more facts should be pointed out. The fake report lists Yaknapatawpha County. This happens to be one of William Faulkner’s favorite fictional places used in 21 of his books. His writing style made extensive use of jumping around the timeline. The book title that caught my eye was “A Rose for Emily”, two LOST names.

The report mentions an animal hospital and we’ve seen Ben at a place like that.

The report mentions Oxford City Cab and guess what? There is an area of town known as Oxford. Remember how Desmond tried to go to England to find Daniel’s mother at the college? Maybe Daniel meant Oxford, an area of town in Los Angeles and there wasn’t time to explain.

The envelope, the numbers on the bottom of the report and the gun contain “1”, “3” and “6”. In the summer game we saw a sign that read “John 316” and “John 3:16” is a popular Bible verse. These numbers are being associated with Sun now.

Speaking of the gun, who gave it to Sun? Widmore? Ben? If Ben, I’m betting it is loaded with blanks.

Speaking of her delivery, did you notice the candy box has slots of 16 pieces? But one is strangely missing resulting in 15 actual pieces.


Recall Locke’s group found evidence of a wreck? Among the debris was a can that read, “Besixdouz”. Converting to numbers we get Be-Six-Douze or B612. There is an asteroid that is named B612 and the history of that asteroid states that scientist named in honor of the planet that was home to The Little Prince.

As for the French being spoken, here is the translation:

Man 1 - I already told you we should never have followed those stupid numbers

Man 2 – It is not my fault, Robert, Brennan should have held the sonar

Man 3 - But I did it Montand. I already told you the instruments aren't working.

Woman - A man in the water!

Man - What? I thought we were all here!

Man - We are! He's not one of ours - so who is he?


Recall when Hurley is making his call from prison. Did you notice who is being walked in the door in the background? Dave!


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