Thursday, February 5, 2009

LT196: Rikki, Don't Lose Those Numbers


Sayid is demanding the assassin tell him who sent him. He tells Sayid to check his pocket. In there he finds Kate’s address. Are we to believe that Kate hired this guy to kill Sayid? No.

This means there is either another piece of paper that Sayid was to find OR the assassin was attempting to motivate Sayid to contact Kate. I’ll go with Door #2.

No one can motivate people to carry out his wishes better than Uncle Ben. People are willing to kill and die for this guy. This theory is strengthen when we consider Ben how he pushes everyone to their proper places.


A lot of viewers are expressing their lack of interest in the numbers, but not me. A lot of readers of TIDBITS tell me they feel the numbers are like a running gag to provide some distraction in the form of a side game. First, let me point out that very little has zero meaning on LOST. Second, consider that the joke is very stale if that is their only purpose. Third, I’ve suggested a meaning for the numbers that will have a major impact: they point us to the Doomsday of April 8, 2015, at 4:23.42 in the afternoon. Boom!

No theme or mystery has been pushed harder or longer than the Numbers. Consider in the latest episode we see the number 42 here:

And everyone was told to meet at slip 23 at the marina.

Not sure if this counts, but the life raft for the French Science Team had 8 sides to it.

All of them get heard on the walkie-talkie the French Science Team is listening to…just as Danielle told us was the reason for checking out the island.


The package delivered to Sun included an investigation report. It seems that someone discovered the website this came from. Check it out here:

The name on the report was altered, but everything else remains the same. This site is used for armchair sleuths to hone their skills. Do notice the address on Pinecrest shows up a lot and for some reason I get Heroes out of my head! HA!


…for Best Babysitter is NOT…Sun! Sorry, but what has gotten into her? She thinks it is a good idea to tell Aaron’s mother that she has plenty of candy and TV for the little tyke?

Oh, and sit in your high chair eating greasy fires while Aunt Sun leaves you unattended and checks out her new gun.

And I don’t think Babysitting 101 teaches anyone to drag the kid out into the night so the sitter can leave the kid unattended in the car while she knocks off a couple of people she holds a grudge against.

The best irony of it all? Jin isn’t dead!

However, the bigger question is where did Mommy Dearest leave little Ji Yeon? Someone has suggested that Sun’s baby might be dead!


I have to write this. I try hard not to knock the show. When Nikki and Paulo were mucking up the screen, I stayed quiet. The thought in my head was that everyone contributes in some way. But it is time to speak out about one woman: Juliet.

Juliet cries a lot. She cries during job interview. She cries when begging Ben to send her back home. She cries at the morgue (ok, I’ll overlook that one). She cries when she burns the muffins.

Her best skill set is remaining naïve. She just sort of avoids uncomfortable situations. She doesn’t question much about the submarine ride, what is in the drink, and barely investigated her ex-husband getting hit by a bus the way she suggested days earlier.

But now, Juliet has turned into a top notch detective. She is pressuring Daniel with “if you have something to tell me, now is a good time.” She is interrupting Locke and others at critical points of their discussions.

Come on! This woman was shattered by divorce, a dying sister, a lifelong cause she couldn’t solve (legally anyway), a job change and a new environment…and now she reveals she understands Daniel’s time message, is perceptive enough to figure out nosebleeds mean something and for good measure: she knows Latin in three years? Please!

Ok, it is out of my system.


An avoid reader of TIDBITS named MJ writes and is for some reason reminded of Harper. She is the therapist for the Dharma Initiative and married to Goodwin. MJ is reminded of when she magically appeared to Juliet in the jungle and gave her instructions to go kill Daniel and Charlotte.

We all saw it as strange how she just appears and then disappears. She isn’t the only example. MJ points out the moving cabin. This made him wonder if the other items, people, and such haven’t been time warping along.

Maybe Harper and Jacob see a flash right before they time warp, but not the viewer. It gives us something to ponder. Do you have any ideas to build on this?


Here is a picture of Ben’s van:

The words on the side read: “Canton Rainer”. This is an anagram for “reincarnation”. Hmmm…


There is a lot to cover about this episode, but I wanted to get something posted as soon as possible. But look for more in the coming days because it just might convince you that the people shooting at Locke and his canoe-mates might be the very people they are trying to save.


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Sara said...

Hi KC-
I was talking to my friend Anne today and she was wondering if the time flash was happening every 108 minutes? I am interested to hear your thoughts on this, especially with the discussion of the numbers.