Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LT195: The Little Prince Initial Thoughts


If I have this worked out right, then it was Ben using Lawyer Norton that orchestrated Ms. Littleton's appearance in Los Angeles. Why? To make Kate needy for help. Mr. Manipulator knew that Kate would attempt to find the persons behind the blood test, discover it was a family relative and then she would need some assistance. Clever man.


So everyone is know gathered at Slip 23 at the marina including Sun who is forced to drag little Aaron along. Ok, that seemed a bit odd to take a young child along for a murder, but hey, it did get her there...and the little prince.

Sun is brought there because she wishes to kill Jack. She blames him for Jin's death (wrong!). Sun mentioned once that she blamed two men...we assumed she meant Jack and she told her father he was the other. So how did she know to arrive at the marina? Did someone call her?

Why did she have to smuggle a gun into her house? And those survelliance photos means she hired someone to track Jack. That leads to another party involved and more risks.


So he is an orange. Sorry, that was just what he reminded me of in that prison jumpsuit. He gets released after a hearing in the morning meaning the Oceanic 5 + Ben have to wait it out at the boats. And did you notice they group was being watched? Was that from Sun's perspective or is even another party involved?

Ok, enough thoughts on our LA crowd...


The question of the week was why only Charlotte was bleeding. We sort of got that answer when several more developed the symptom. Daniel offers the explanation that time on the island might have been a reason why some were getting the nose bleeds and others were not.

Daniel left me with the impression that the longer you were on the island the sooner you would bleed because he asked Miles if he might have been on the island previously, right? Again, these are initial thoughts so bear with me.

Ok, we know Juliet has been there 3 years. Sawyer for 108 days.

Miles for over 3 years? And Charlotte even longer?

I'm getting flashbacks to a very old post that mentioned The Children of the Island. For the detail post, I'll try to track that down because I'm getting my own flashbacks about this. Miles belongs to Dr. Candle/Halliwax and Charlotte is the child of...


You tell me. It is obvious that timelines are intersect and crossing over. We have Danielle and Jin sharing the same space, if not time.

At other times we have the camp site back, but no Survivors and they are sharing space with someone who drinks Ajira Airlines water. So clearly, the timelines are intersecting. This makes our Jump Point tracking next to impossible!


Aaron sure sleeps a lot and doesn't talk much for a 3 year old.

That nice French scientist really, really, really reminded me of a younger Daniel. It was his facial expressions and mannerisms. You heard it here first if true.

It wasn't raining when Jack and Kate pulled up to the motel and not that long after it is pouring. I'd give my "Get Lost" lapel pin to know just to know the set of rules for the rain!

If you recall that poster for Season 5 where the cast is in that room with branches growing in it, I'm sure that Sun's outfit in the hotel room matched her outfit in that picture.

Well, you know the routine...I'll be working up the in depth coverage and posting over the next few days!


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