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LT114: It All Depends On How You Look At It


For fun, let’s assume to facts to be true:

1 – Ben is one of the good guys
2 – Ben really means it when he says he isn’t lying

Now let’s think about one line from Benjamin Linus. He claims it wasn’t his decision to purge the island of the Dharma Initiative. Yet, everything we have seen makes us think, “Yeah, right and I’ve got bridge to sell you if you believe that.” But hold on. If Charlotte, Claire, Aaron, and Daniel zapped back to 1970-ish, then why not everyone on the island?

This means Locke could have jumped back as well. This time around he is a much wiser man. He orders the purge and Ben is technically telling the truth. To make the two facts true, we just add a time loop. While this gets a bit confusing to us, imagine being Ben and knowing the events of past loops…it would seem like he is lying, but he isn’t. What he could really be doing is making his best guess at which past event really took place on the current time thread.

It also means that Ben is one of the good guys as Locke finally realizes and it seems Jack and Sayid might be reaching that same conclusion recently.

This could go a long way in explaining Ben’s casual reply to causing the Freighter to blow up, “So?” If you knew that in another time loop that everything could change, then why really care? Live for the moment! And let’s not forget, Jin told Hurly a while back that “Everything’s going to change”. Oh, so true!


From time to time I’ll get an email from a reader of LOST TIDBITS. It is nice to hear from you and see where the ripples of influence can sometimes reach. But this email was different, they asked for a LOST TIDBITS logo to use as a link from his LOST blog. How cool. I’ve never thought of making a logo. So, I headed to Paint and came up with this:

Yeah, pretty weak. There is the black and white theme, but surely one of you guys can do better. If you want to give it a go and submit it as the “official” logo, please do so. Might be kind of fun if you have a talent for this sort of stuff.

Anyway, thanks to Izi for writing and be sure to check out his blog at:
The blog is described as “over-analyzing Lost”, so you know it is going to be weird. Enjoy the other ACTIVE Lost blog this summer and thanks again for writing Izi.


The immediate area outside the edge of a rotating black hole is called the ergosphere. The theory of black holes says that it will force all objects, including light, to follow its rotation. But in the ergosphere some claim we can energy and mass from the black hole in this region.

There is rotation of objects in the ergosphere but at speeds slower than within the rotating black hole. The further out an object is from the center of a black hole, the slower it will rotate. However, the rotation is not due to any force being applied on objects in the ergosphere. Instead, they rotate because of the curvature of the spacetime according to Einstein.

The Kerr Metric proposes that the impact on time in the ergosphere is different than within the black hole. It is called frame-dragging.

Dr. Cheng says in the 1970’s video that he is able to transmit to the future because of the Kerr Metric. He also mentions the means is a “pin hole” or a “worm hole”, but it sounds like PIN to me. That is an interesting term to use as it implies just a tiny glimpse.


Ben tells Michael to take heading of 325 to be rescued and it seems he gets rescued.

Daniel says to use a bearing of 305 to Frank. Which is right?

While the answer is elusive, let’s consider what happens when we get it wrong. First, time is changed. We’ve seen this with the rocket, with Desmond and with the Doc Ray whose throat was slit before his time.

I’m pointing this out because what if the Dharma food drop came in on the wrong heading? Could a drop in 1995 actually not drop until 2004?

Could this also mean that since Daniel is on the small boat that he will eventually wash up on shore at a later/earlier time?

Did Daniel remove a crying baby from the island at one time named Charlotte?

Can Daniel physically move and mentally move through time?

Does this explain why Daniel cries when he sees the TV footage of the discovery of the plane wreckage? He knows things.


Now, let’s add Jack into this discussion. Recall how we noticed that Jack appears on the island slightly ahead of the crash. No, that isn’t describing it properly. He arrives during the aftermath, so he is actually late. But when he arrives the crash isn’t visible or audible to him yet.

Is it possible then that Jack was “inserted” into one of the time loops? After all, his father told Vincent that his son had some work to do. Christian understands what is happening – and maybe being dead helps with that – and knows that this particular loop that his son will play a vital role. After all, what would have been different had Jack not on the plane in an earlier loop? Rose would have died of her heart attack, at least based on the Boone being her next best hope with his “stick a pen in her throat” idea.

Who would have lived or died had Jack taken the left path to the crash site or the right path? Is this the clue the producers expected us to pick up and we all missed?


And where does Fate play into all this? Is Fate another word for Randomness? The loops are pretty much a repeat except for the ripple effect of Fact or Random? Recall Charlie nearly being killed off at the crash site a couple of times. He wrote “L-A-T-E” on his hand. Did he miss death’s calling or is he late for some other destination? Later Charlie changes his hand to “F-A-T-E” and sure enough, that is what kills him off in a few weeks.

Unless Fate and Random are two concepts we use to explain things we can’t explain. In reality, this is all pre-destined stuff…a very Biblical concept promoted by Calvin (close to Kelvin). Predestination versus Free Will.


I admit it. Sometimes I write stuff in a forced way. Some ideas grow out of my LOST research, but sometimes it is the other way around and I force a thing on my brain into LOST. I know, bad reasoning, but fun.

Well, I’ve got this song in my head and I have to get it out. That means a little public therapy as I used the blog. First, the lyrics…

“Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long, there’s still time to change the road your on.” - Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin.

The philosophy of these lyrics is that there is a good and a bad path. Further, it says, down the road of time you have a chance to change your path. Interesting philosophy, but it is 100% opposed to the Bible’s philosophy of “now is the time”.

I take this point a bit further, but acknowledging that this particular section of the song when played backwards says stuff about “my sweet Satan”. It would seem then that Stairway to Heaven is “bad’ when compared to the book of faith.

Then I recall that Walt spoke backwards to Shannon and when reversed said “Don’t push the button, the button is bad.” Is Walt’s image on the “bad side”? A study is required to answer this if we were to examine how the ghosts who speak are telling us the wrong philosophy or giving us the “good news”…which means “gospel” in the Bible…which means Evangeline in Greek…which was the language of the New Testament…which was ushered in by John the Baptist…which is the name of John Locke who is on an island where a baby was baptized by Eko…which leads to the baby being named Aaron…which is a Bible character that leads the chosen people into the Promised Land.

See how a song gets stuck in my head and I just have to do a brain dump on LOST TIDBITS? Sorry, but if felt like I had little choice. At least that song can now pass out of my mind. It will probably get replaced by another one, however. Oh no, it’s happening. No, not that one. I can’t stop it! Yeah, “Having My Baby” by Paul Anka.


Already working on another post that should be ready by the normal release date of Sundays (and Wednesdays). There is just so much happening right now, that it demanded more posts. Hope you don't mind. Be sure to scroll down to ensure you don't miss one.

The topic of Sunday's post will consider if the island is a sort of Holy Grail that mankind has been searching for since...(get ready, you KNOW it's coming)...the dawn of TIME.


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