Sunday, August 10, 2008

LT115: Search for the Holy Grail


I received the following email from the Dharma Initiative:

The video they refer to is the Dr. Cheng/Candle video included in an earlier post. I thought one of the more interesting items was Dharma’s decision to withdraw its sponsorship of the TV show, LOST. In fact, it was odd when I heard first they were sponsoring the show and just chalked it up to a cute little side note to be forgotten. Now they bring up the sponsorship issue again, so it makes me wonder if there is more to this than first meets the eye. Hmm…


Science has named the most active volcano spot as the Ring of Fire. Here is a geothermal map of it:

Yeah, right in the Pacific Ocean and encompassing our Mystery Island. 90% of the world’s earthquakes happen at the Ring of Fire. This is important to our research because we know the LOST Island has a volcano. It is also important because plate tectonics causes volcanoes and earthquakes which can cause major geographical shifts.


No, not the disappearing pencil from the Dark Knight, but a disappearing islands. Nothing would cause a shift in elevation quite like a volcano (growth) or an earthquake (collapse). Some theorists state that we have had islands disappear. Legend talks about these and names them Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, Pacifica, Havu, Bolutu, Hawaiki and Zu. One group calls this amazing island “Oz”. Now if that doesn’t ring a bell with LOST fans…

The legends all make the same general claim: the island contained special properties and the original inhabitants were an advanced race. But did these islands really exist?

Off the coast of Japan the ocean floor reveals this finding:

Writing and petro glyphs are found on Hawaii’s Big Island along with other writings that contain an unknown language and meaning. From Easter Island, to Stonehenge to even the Pyramids, archeologists have marveled at the technological advances of past civilizations. Why couldn’t the mythical island have existed but we have just lost the secrets of an advanced people?


I think this is where LOST is heading: turning us from thinking this is science fiction to thinking this might actually be possible! The chance that a place like this island might actually exists is the goal of the show’s writers. Well, I’m guessing, of course.

See, the island is the same island of all myths and legends. It is just known by different people and by different names. It is the Holy Grail of treasure hunting as it contains properties found no where else on Earth.

The storyline is like many good stories…a child listening to tall tales told by grandparents. But this time, the child grows up to actually find the Treasure Island.

Is it really coincidence that Easter (Island) and rabbits go hand in hand in most people’s mind as far symbols go? Is it pure luck that a legendary island is named Oz and the hot air balloon ride into the Emerald City mirrors Henry Gale’s balloon…let alone Henry Gale is Dorothy’s uncle’s name in the story. Is it really of surprise that in Australia the rabbits are such pests that landowners are legally obliged to control them?

What makes this story of LOST so intriguing is that a POSSIBILITY is being offered that this island myth might really exist some place in space…and time. This is Robert Langdon connecting the dots of the Di Vinci Code or Nicholas Cage revealing a National Treasure…or Indiana Jones finding the mythical Ark of the Covenant.

Dharma is intent on studying it in a pure reasoning way. Widmore wants to own it like any good capitalist would. And the Hostiles/Natives just want everyone to leave them alone.


Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching X-Files for a time. It was cool to see what creatures from space and legends they could come up with. Now it looks like LOST could go this way. And did we have a clue of this? Well, when Kate and Sawyer were breaking rocks, Sawyer stops Juliet and asks, “What are you building here anyway?” Juliet explains, “A runway for aliens.” Let’s hope that was meant to only be a joke.

For what makes LOST different and better is that it includes the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and well as individual struggles – a little sociology and psychology. Like Jack said once, “We died when that plane crashed, we can be anyone we want now.”

I really think we are going to be spared a full-blown alien attack. Instead, I see LOST going the religious route. Hopefully it will continue to explore the already-alien-like world of religion and faith. Let’s face it, that is quite the mystery right there. And instead of having to die to see if your view are validated or not (was science suppose to win out?), we can simply tune in at 9 p.m. for their answer.

Any reasonable person of faith would have to admit that their views would seem alien to any new convert. So the question remains consistent to the past season: will people find redemption? Like Charlie who is described by scripture, “There is no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for another.” Nice job out of that drug addict. And like other Bible stories, I feel that other Survivors are going to be put to the test like Abraham when asked to sacrifice his son. Kate, your big test is coming up!



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