Sunday, August 3, 2008

LT111: Who Watches the Watcher?


Are you thinking about a career change? Would you be interested in helping making the world a better place? How about working with her:

During the interview phase in San Diego one person was asked, “Who is your constant?”

To get an interview you needed an appointment and a security card:

Producers for LOST announced at the conference that Dharma was now a sponsor of the TV show.

Participants in the live testing were asked to pick a test best on eight names. The names are all names of Jupiter's moons. Jupiter is the 4th brightest star in the sky. The tests names were listed in their order by orbit except for the last one. Why only go out of order? That particular moon is named “Leda”.

Leda was named after the Greek goddess who was a lover of Zeus – who appeared to her as a swan.

Leda is also suburb of Perth, Western Australia.


After signing up at the Octagon Recruiting website, emails were sent to inform us that testing would begin online after Comic Con. I took the test and passed. Next it told me that weekly tests would be given and the highest scores for each job position they were filling would get a job offer. Wish me luck!

Some trivia regarding The Project:

* The first letter of each job position spells out Dharma Initiative
* It takes 16 letters to spell Dharma Initiative
* The first four job positions are the four areas of study from the Swan Orientation tape
* The spinning Octagon logo reveals the same markings as on the Dharma logo edges
* IVF Consultant position stands for In Vitro Fertilization – Juliet’s job
* The lead recruiter is named Hans Van Eeghen
* An editor on the show is name Henk Van Eeghen


Take the Dharma exam here:
Take the weekly tests hers:


Also at Comic Con, the producers of LOST kept using a word over and over: panopticon. This the circular design of a prison where a central tower allows a single guard to keep watch over the greatest number of prisoners. The clever design meant that prisoners could never tell who or when someone was watching them.

So, who came up with this design? Jeremy Bentham. Here is his description of the place: “:A building circular. The prisoners in their cells, occupying the circumference; the officers in the centre. By blinds and other contrivances, the Inspectors concealed...from the observation of the prisoners: hence the sentiment of a sort of omnipresence--the whole circuit reviewable with little, or... without any, change of place. One station in the inspection part affording the most perfect view of every cell."

Is Ben Linus the watcher from that room with all the screens?

Were either Widmore Industries or Paik Heavy Industries involved in the design of the Dharma stations?

Were the passengers of Flight 815 all specifically pre-selected and brought to the island to undergo Panopticon-style observation as a group for their various crimes and behaviors?
Was the Santa Rosa Mental Institution, where Hurley, Libby and Locke's mother were all patients, a Panopticon?


Use that comments link at the bottom of each post to “talk to me”. If you have a question you would like me to research, just ask. Have a theory you would like to be considered, just tell. Want to publish how many questions you got right from the quiz, just post. This will allow me to write to the specific interest you may have.


A lot happened recently in regard to LOST, so you can enjoy a few more than two posts in the coming weeks. Keep checking back! Already in the works are posts on topics like:

* More references to the cold temperature
* Review of the Q&A panel at Comic Con
* A timeline update based on new revelations
* A study on time and moving mass
* We reveal Dr. Marvin Candle’s true identity
* And we will explore some Dharma logos that change before your very eyes

Keep checking back and clicking on those ads!



Anonymous said...

I passed the first test also. Frankly I think all volunteers will pass the first round with the subsequent exams providing for eliminations...

KC said...

I believe you are right on the mark! Don't you sort of wish they had a minimum standard though? Sort of like someone should actually die on the reality show, Survivor! LOL!

As of this writing, I'm not sure the game is to do weekly tests...I have a guy feeling that the whole website is just a pawn in the game.

Stay tuned to find out!