Wednesday, July 30, 2008

LT110: Pop Quiz


Thought I’d shift gears and put together a quiz to see if you measure up to be a Dharma Initiative recruit. This is going to be tough because DI doesn’t let just anyone go to the island. So, take a shot at 42 questions and you need to get 23 correct to be considered for a job! Answers are at the end.

Q1: At what time did Ben kill his father during the Purge?

Q2: How many weeks had passed without a Mega Millions Jackpot winner before Hurley won?

Q3: What was the name of Sun’s dog that Jin gave her as a puppy?
BONUS: What does that translate to in English?

Q4: Desmond dated Ruth for six years, what was her brother’s name?
HINT: He stormed into the monastery and punched Desmond in the nose.

Q5: How long did it take the bears to figure out how to get a fish biscuit?

Q6: Through Season 3, how many times has Hurley said, “Dude?”
BONUS: If you get this one right, then stop here and get on the submarine to the island!

Q7: How many times had Leslie Arzt been married?

Q8: What is the code to the security fence that Juliet entered?

Q9: What is the name of Claire’s friend who goes with her to the psychic?

Q10: What was Jack’s seat number on the flight?

Q11: What is the title of Driveshaft’s second album?
HINT: Locke told Charlie he thought is was a better effort than the first.

Q12: What is the name of Anthony Cooper’s security guard?

Q13: Of Locke, Jack, Sawyer and Shannon – which one have we not seen work on a jigsaw puzzle?

Q14: What is the full name of Hurley’s mental ward?
HINT: Five words

Q15: What Dickens book will be the last one Desmond reads?

Q16: Who killed the Marshall in season 1?

Q17: How many days are covered in Season 1?

Q18: What does Evangeline (Lilly, Kate) mean in the Bible’s original language?

Q19: Claire has worn a necklace of a Chinese symbol, what does it mean?

Q20: What song’s lyrics are tattooed on Charlie?

Q21: Originally, what name was Ecko given by the scriptwriters?

Q22: In the pilot, who gets sucked into the plane engine?

Q23: What color thread did Jack choose for Kate to sew him up with?

Q24: How does John “capture” Vincent for Walt?

Q25: What is on the wall above John’s bed in his apartment?

Q26: What is the name of the woman who Jack and Boone fail to save from drowning?

Q27: How much did Sawyer try to swindle David and Jessica?

Q28: Shannon sings a song that was from what movie?

Q29: What is the name of Claire’s psychic?

Q30: How did Locke find the Swan hatch?

Q31: What did Sawyer and Kate find while diving?
REQUIREMENT: Need the brand name

Q32: What was the name of Charlie’s girlfriend who got him the job of copier salesman?

Q33: What body part was Jack willing to remove from Boone?

Q34: What book does Desmond say they will find the Swan Orientation video behind?

Q35: When Hurley dreams of an English-speaking Jin, what is the last think Jin says before Hurley wakes up?

Q36: What out-of-place object is seen by Jin and Ecko when they first observe the Others?

Q37: What sponsors are on Henry Gale’s balloon?

Q38: What band is playing on the 8-track found in the VW van on the island?

Q39: What’s the name of the Dharma submarine?

Q40: What song helps Charlie decipher and disable the Looking Glass’ jamming signal?

Q41: What year did Desmond bounce back and forth between on the way to the Freighter?

Q42: What is the painting of in Jacob’s cabin?


Sometime later today or tomorrow, we will reach the 2,000 hits on this blog page! Thank you so very much for being an active reader.

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Sorry about the confusion. That should remind me that like preachers, I should just hope for the best and never talk about money. Anyway, if the spirit moves you to check out an ad, I would appreciate a normal click so it counts. Thanks so much.

And now for the answers...


Q1: 4:00 p.m.
Q2: 16 weeks
Q3: Popo; Kiss
Q4: Derek
Q5: Two hours
Q6: 214
Q7: Three
Q8: 1623
Q9: Rachel
Q10: 23B
Q11: Oil Change
Q12: Eddie
Q13: Sawyer
Q14: Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute
Q15: Our Mutual Friend
Q16: Jack
Q17: 40 days
Q18: Good news
Q19: Love
Q20: Strawberry Fields Forever
Q21: Emeka, in the native language of Nigeria it means “God has done something wonderful”
Q22: Gary Troupe, the author of “Bad Twin”
Q23: Black
Q24: He makes a dog whistle
Q25: Military medals
Q26: Joanna
Q27: $160,000
Q28: Little Mermaid
Q29: Malkin
Q30: He dropped a flashlight on it when handing it to Boone
Q31: Halliburton case or dead people or airplane seats or water – any are acceptable!
Q32: Lucy
Q33: His leg
Q34: Turn of the Screw
Q35: Have a cluckty-cluck day, Hurley
Q36: A teddy bear
Q37: Mr. Cluck Chicken Shack and Widmore Industries
Q38: Three Dog Night
Q39: Galaga
Q40: Good Vibrations
Q41: 1996
Q42: A dog

More than 23 correct? You qualify for the next phase of the job interview…step this way.
More than 16 correct? Can you push a button?
More than 15 correct? Get the DVD’s, watch them again, and reapply next year
More than 8 correct? I’m afraid Smoky would have had you for breakfast by now
More than 4 correct? You would be hard pressed to handle Gilligan’s Island
Less than 4 correct? Find another TV show to watch


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