Monday, August 4, 2008

LT112: The Dr. Cheng Video


LOST has thrown a lot of cold-related references at us including the Santa catchphrase, “Ho-ho-ho”. Guess what? They’re back!

In the summer game, on the Octagon Recruiting website we see this:

Can you make out the H and O?


Really old fans of LOST might recall the TV game show where three contestants claimed to be the same person. A panel would ask questions in an attempt to discover the real claimant. Well, it seems we have been playing a version of that game with Dr. Marvin Candle, Dr. Edgar Halliwax and Dr. Mark Wickman. As you will see, the good doctor’s real name is Dr. Pierre Cheng.

First, you must watch the video here:

Dr. Cheng was a professor of astrophysics in Lansing, Michigan. This is where the DeGroots were studying.


FACT: There are at least two people in the room with Dr. Cheng. A baby we hear crying. Dr. Cheng mentions the baby is a boy.

THEORY: The baby is Aaron and Claire is also present.

CONFLICT: It sounds as if Cheng uses the name “Jennifer” when asking that the baby be removed from the room.

REBUTTAL: There is a Jennifer in LOST…it is Henry Gale’s wife’s name.


Same facts as above.

THEORY: The baby is Miles and belongs to Dr. Cheng and his wife “Jennifer”. Miles is on the island to try and contact his dead father, Dr. Cheng/Candle. Miles gift is present in all of us, but studies by Dharma brought his out.

CONFLICT: None really.

REBUTTAL: Is this the Children of the Island? Miles born here. Charlotte born here. Daniel born here or just the nutty professor? Locke was born here. And Rose – anyone that heals, which would include Mr. Patchy, were all here.


FACT: We hear a man speaking. The voice of the man sounds a lot like Daniel Faraday. He is running the camera.

THEORY: Daniel was off the coast of the island in a raft when the island moved. Perhaps being on the edge of the event horizon he was thrown back to 1974.

CONFLICT: Daniel would have to be near 70 years old if he relived his life again from 1974, assuming is age of 40 as we know him on the island. Which is the conflict: he sure looks good for 70.

REBUTTAL: If he can jump once, he can jump twice.


FACT: A red-headed woman is seen on the video.

THEORY: Charlotte is present at the taping.

CONFLICT: She was island-bound when it jumped to October 2005 (Ben’s jump date at least). It would seem strange that she jumped “with” Daniel who was on the raft.

REBUTTAL: Perhaps time jumping is more controllable than Ben suggested. At least when it doesn’t involve the Dharma Wheel.



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