Sunday, July 6, 2008

LT103: All Life Is, Is Really Just a Circle


In the summer search for “Where is the Island”, we have some clues. First, Tunisia is where Ben, for lack of a better term, teleported.

If you read back a few posts, you will find an article on antipodes. These are the exact geological opposites on the globe as if you dug a tunnel straight down from Point A, then Point B is where you would come out, the antipode. For Tunisia, the spot is in the South Pacific almost due east of Sydney, Australia.

In my mind this gives us our first antipode. Is it as simple as thinking the island is now in the desert?
We have some confirmation from Charlotte who found a skeleton of a bear in Tunisia sporting a fashionable Dharma collar. But we don’t know for sure if the bear teleported here as Ben did – due to turning the wheel.

And this would also mean that the bear would have had to turn the wheel. This is something I dismissed. But then someone pointed out that Dharma was training these bears. This comes from the bear cages that Sawyer and Kate enjoyed as well as Tom’s comment about the bears learning how to operating the fish biscuit dispenser in just a few days.

Dharma could have trained the bears to turn the wheel. Now we still have logistics problem with a ladder and small room, but work with me here. They call this is a donkey wheel, because that is the beast of burden normally used to turn the turnstile. A simple mention of ice caves where the polar bears normally resided until the tests Dharma performed allowed them to adapt to tropical climates. A tunnel from ice cave to Dharma Wheel Room and we have some explanations that I can still buy. What do you think?


Been staring at this snapshot for a few days:

The boy on the bike kept reminding me of something. In one of the orientation videos there is a quick frame where a person is seen riding a bike in New Othertown. It looks like the video tape was reused and this might have been a previous taping where the camera was turned off and on and left a frame or two. It is further odd because the video is upside down. And some say it reminds of then of that DeGroot guy that was the leader of Dharma studies.

Think there is a connection between the picture in Aaron’s room and the Orientation video?


I’m going to go with that law of physics that says something about mass can’t be destroyed or created. If the island “jumped time”, then that mass is out of balance. This might lead to those “terrible things that started happening after you left”. It is just a thought.


Comic Convention is coming in late July. This event is the time and location for Octagon Recruiting to start interviewing potential Dharma recruits. And the producers always have something good for us. I hear trouble is brewing with some rival group already. Check back around July 24 for more updates.



Anonymous said...

Hey Ben here again...I check in from time to time, see what new stuff you've come to.
I would join the Dh Init. in a heartbeat if I knew it was real, and if I knew I could trust it...Just look at what happened to the first team! I'm not so sure I want to be a part of another gas attack. And even then, who would we be working for? A maniac like Ben or a power-hungry devil like Widmore?
NICE catch on the polar bear suggestion. That's why they probably used polar bears in the first place...they can adjust to the cold temperature of the wheel room. And the cages are used as exercises for them. But if that's true, where was the island BEFORE it was in the Pacific? Maybe Africa's a dumping ground for pullers of the wheel. And how many times did they do it? They only found 1 bear as far as we know.
As far as Ganesh is concerned...I think you may be reaching too far out there. So what if his name is the anagram for van Eeghen.
Btw, how'd you get the "real" email? a reply from the site?
Also, are all their conventions 3 days long? I can accept a day, but 3? repetitions of the same thing?
Keep up the blogs

KC said...

Dear Ben,

I would think Africa as a dump site for all previous island hops if it wasn't a polar opposite this time. The bear and Ben (or should I say YOU?) didn't hop at the same time. This leads to a constant in our formula.

Ganesh over-reach? Probably, but it is very rare to find mention of anything with four-toes besides The Simpsons.

The emails come from the Octagon website after you sign-up. I'm on a list somewhere now.

I believe three days is about the standard length of the Comic conventions in the past. It would be cool to be out there, but you can expect play-by-play reporting of anything LOST right here on LOST TIDBITS!

Finally, got to mention what a familiar sounding name you have! I traced your IP address back to 481.516.2.342 - something tells me you know more than you are sharing BEN! HA!


Anonymous said...

lol, you really freaked me out when I thought my address was 481... I was starting to feel like Jim Carrey's char on the Truman Show. But then I checked out my IP and my excitement dropped :(.

KC said...

It is just the possibilities that get considered...or if you look hard enough you can find anything you might be looking for.

Hey, what's that black smoke behind you? HA!