Saturday, July 12, 2008

LT105: After Further Review...


We have surmised that if someone passes through the perimeter of the island (let’s call it the event horizon) then time jumps around. Not forward in time, or backwards in time. You just jump around – sometimes forward, and sometimes not.

Desmond jumped backwards to 1996. The doctor with a slit throat jumped forward as he neared the island.

As I review the seasons past this summer, a thought hit me: recall when the show began how the first question on most people’s mind was “Can a person reasonably expect to survive a plane crash?” We found a few examples to support an affirmative answer, but for the most part the sources cited needed some twist. We found survivors on small planes. We found survivors from accidents near take-off or otherwise near the ground. There just weren’t a lot of examples of a plane splitting in three pieces in mid-air at 10,000 feet or more and having any survivors…let alone 50 or more!

So, let’s assume the simplest and most logical – the passengers and crew died. Sort of…they actually jumped around in time. It wasn’t a miracle that some survived, it was a time jump. This could explain why injuries like Jack were fairly superficial. Depending on the details of jumping time while falling out of a plane, this just might produce the injury-free group. Let’s face it, no matter how lucky, falling from 10,000 feet should have broken this or that.

This might also explain why it appears in Episode 1 why Jack appears to have a) been here before and b) arrived a few minutes before the others.

And what if the time jump is different for everyone? Could John’s have semi-jumped to when his legs functioned properly? Could this explain why people who look a like have different names? And could it explain why the flash forwards seem like loops to Desmond but not Charlie?

In short, they cheated death.

Or some cheated death, like Charlie where death chased him for weeks until it finally caught up to him like some version of Final Destination.

Why is Kate different? She doesn’t wish to return to the island. She said she saw the whole plane break-up happen while others passed out? Everyone seems ready to head back in some fashion except Kate who in addition gets a visit from Claire telling her not to return? Aaron takes to Kate, but Jack can’t be around the kid. Kate is different. Was she a true survivor? While others missed their appointed time of death, she merely missed her appointed time of injuries in the fall. Kate “saw everything” because she was in “real time” and was the more common “lone survivor”.


Let’s not give up Annie ever being seen again. When she gave Ben that statue as a gift she was probably 11. More important, she told him that “now we will never be apart again”. Add this to the producers telling us that Annie was a critical component in the storyline. Ideas?

The popular theory is that she got pregnant by Ben but then died in childbirth. This gives Ben his passion to solve the problem with Juliet and use time to reunite with Annie – just like Richard has learn to control time.

I’d still like some clarification about Alex…adopted or natural?

The second popular Annie theory is that she turns out to be…or Penny’s sister like Christian had a hidden daughter.

See why I hate family reunions?


JJ Abrams new show on FOX this fall is called “Fringe”. Radio ads have begun as the voice over commands, “Find the pattern”. This is the first of a series of ads to promote the September premier. We won’t turn this into a new blog, but it should be noted that backward masking is found in the commercials. Sound familiar?

One of the hidden clues takes you to a YouTube clip where the speaker has six-fingers. If he has six-toes I know of a statue that could use his extra! Sound be a fun show to check out.


LOST is now airing in Germany and the episode where Sayid meets the woman in the café only to shoot her later as Ben’s hired gun recently was on. In the US, the dialog went like this:

WOMAN: (in German) Where would you like to go? SAYID: (in German) Is the information free? WOMAN: (laughs and says in English) What are you looking for? SAYID: I love Europe. Everyone speaks English. [laughs] I’m looking for Potsdamer Platz.

Being that German is being spoken in the USA version, in Germany, the dialog has to be switched around a bit and this was the selection:

WOMAN: Where would you like to go?SAYID:I am hunting for the Berlin bear.WOMAN: (laughs): Seriously. Please tell me.SAYID: I am a bear hunter. I have to setup my traps. (laughs) I'm looking for Potsdamer Platz.

She ended up being his target, but the choice to add a bear to Sayid’s lines seemed sort of, well, Lostish.


I’m working on a theory that begins: Sun’s baby is more important to the island that Aaron. Check back later this week.



Anonymous said...

Ben's Comments:
Falling For You

Personally, I hate it when the scifi writers add time travel to the equation. They did it to Star Trek a few times, and the whole Trek experience was ruined for me.
It would be okay if an individual goes back in time to reexperience something in the past, like Desmond's episode, making it more personal. I just hope "time manipulation" is not the answer to all the questions we have. I'd rather it be a kind of purgatory than time travel.

I think she turned into Charlotte, and when the two of them met, they didn't recognize one another. Ben may have gotten misinformation about her (and didn't recognize her) or wants her to think he thinks that he doesn't know who she is, for tactical purposes. And Charlotte may be working undercover, to complete the neutralizing poison task, which would explain her learned accent. If she left young enough, she could have acquired a new tongue. She doesn't look 11, maybe 8,9.
I have that theory about Alex being Ben's natural daughter too. Why do he and Danielle tell people different? So Ben doesn't have a "flaw" that others could take advantage of, and she wouldn't be embarrassed to have been with him. But I don't think Dannielle was Annie.

Sun's baby...I don't see how you can even make a theory about that yet...all we know is that it was born off the island. But Aaron seems to be growing at a pretty fast rate...I think that in itself is pretty special.

I wouldn't put too much emphasis on Abrams extra stuff...I don't think he's the Lost plot organizer, just an experienced filmmaker coasting on the series.

Til next time,

Anonymous said...

When I say "two of them" I mean Annie/Charlotte and Ben

KC said...

I'm right with you on Time Travel, but there is no way to turn back time now...that horse has left the gate. I do hope they move off the "science" and back to the dynamics of each character. I'm looking for a higher purpose other than they were in the wrong seat.

Annie, Sun - yeah, way to early to make intelligent guesses about who is whom. But do keep in mind that we have had critical turning points around every single pregnancy, so expect something to the baby got an episode named after her. Add in the oddity of Jin's problem and we start to get back to the stuff I like about the show...which is how science on this island is ahead of the world...then we can talking again about the ethics and other interpersonal dynamics of the survivors.

Still, best ride on TV I've seen in years...if not ever.