Thursday, July 10, 2008

LT104: Summer Fun


It seems that an email is going around that might be “real”. Well, as real as real gets for this show. It warns people not to give their email on the recruitment site or “they” will have a way to trace you. If you gave it already, change it. The Lost Experience game started out the same way when everyone was sure this poster named Persephone was a fraud.

The commercial and website lists the occupations that the Dharma Initiative is looking for. If you take the first letters of each job you will find these letters: DHARMA INITIATIVE. The leftovers are still puzzling people. The extra letters are: EABEJNCHDBEBMPZPPM.

The position of Engineers is listed twice. Error or did they need a second “e” to form some anagram.

Did that look like Desmond in the final frames typing away?

You can see the commercial here:

FIND 815

The game associated with LOST last January was mentioned by the producers. They said they were glad they “left it open-ended”…which can only mean that Sam is still out there!

Could this be a tie-in to Octagon Global Recruiting and Comic Con? I’ll keep you posted here at LOST TIDBITS!


If you recall the comic book that young John Locke was in the group of items that Richard showed him. As covered in LOST TIDBITS, a story in that edition is called March Has 32 Days. Look through past posts to see the details, but this time we want to notice the lead characters name, John Billings.

A search on that name reveals one who is a doctor. Sound familiar? He is from Australia? Ring any bells? And his claim to fame is that he was the pioneer for “natural family planning” known as the “Ovulation Method”.


Read some older posts to hear the response I got from Octagon when I left my email. I know, but I want to be traced. Anyway, the response was cc’d to a Hans van Eeghen. Now running the letters in his name in an anagram engine produced only a handful of somewhat interesting combinations.

One such combination that people are paying attention to is “Heaven Gannesh”. Yeah, exciting huh? The Heaven catches everyone’s eyes because of the obvious religious references in LOST. But Gannesh didn’t mean anything until someone caught the fact that the normal spelling is “Ganesh”.

Now if you do a search on Ganesh, you will come to very important god in Hindu religion. This is the god with the elephant nose and is seen throughout counties like India.

Ganesh is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as patron of arts and sciences, and of intellect and wisdom. Seems like a sort of science-religion blend with the union of heart AND mind.

Another interesting thing to note with this far-reaching connection is the number 4. The deity has FOUR arms each holding something. It should be noted the reference to arms in LOST beginning with the Orientation tape and Dr. Candle.

Hindu texts say that Ganesh had FOUR incarnations. And the festival in his honor is held the FOURTH day of the waxing of the moon in the EIGHTH month. Have we found our number generator?

And check this statue of Ganesh out:

Did you notice? Yeah, it has four toes like our statue on the island. And he is missing an arm or two. Not to be over-analytical but the feet are positioned such that the left one could be a near twin of what we have seen on LOST. Did I just say twin?

See and you thought this summer’s blogs were going to be boring!


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