Wednesday, July 2, 2008

LT102: Hold On A Minute


When Hurley had his surprise Welcome Home party, his father took him off to the garage to show him the Camaro he had fixed up in Hugo’s absence. Hurley sits in the car and freaks out when he sees the LOST numbers on the car gauges.

But hold on a minute, later we notice that Hurley is driving that Camaro and crashes it before going off to Santa Rosa Mental Hospital for a second time. Did I get the order of events correct? Did Hurley get over his fear of the car? Does anyone really recall somebody at the mental hospital saying, “Welcome back Hugo”? I don’t and that seems a little odd to me.

And consider that Hurley’s rental car in Australia broke down with those Numbers as well. Something tells me Hurley wouldn’t have gotten within ten feet of a second car that had the Numbers.


When Naomi arrives to the island she is carrying a picture of Penny and Desmond. Later Charlie informs Desmond that Naomi’s freighter is “NOT PENNY’S BOAT”.

But hold on a minute, was Naomi then looking for Desmond? If so, she found him and didn’t really say anything to indicate that her mission was over. Since the picture had two people on it, then could Naomi have really been looking for Penny instead of Des and we just assumed her objective? We assume Charles Widmore gave Naomi the photograph, so was he aware that Des was on his magical island?

Charles Widmore should only know Desmond’s whereabouts due to the race he held – best guess anyway. Or he knew that Penny was searching for him and was sort of tracking her ship and figured where she was, Desmond would be also.


We have already analyzed in previous LOST TIDBITS how Jack’s scenes appear to have a bit of looping involved. So maybe the same holds true for Hurley and Naomi. In this case the flashbacks wouldn’t be a chronological timeline, but a looping timeline. Anyone notice other looping possibilities, just leave a comment and I’ll post it.


The first miracle we witness can be debated. Just surviving a plane crash might have been enough to qualify as a miracle. But if not that, then John Locke’s legs would be the next candidate and that surely qualifies. So, let’s review for a moment…he goes from wheelchair to walking due to a plane crash. That has always can of bothered me.

Even if the crash jarred something back in place, he still would have to go through physical therapy and re-learn how to walk, strengthen his leg muscles and even then probably walk with some sort of noticeable limp.

And also notice how John doesn’t seem to be half as smart before the crash as he is after.

The answer? Nanotechnology. Scientists are saying that the next decade or two will bring about a marriage of humanity and technology like we’ve never seen before. The term “beyond human” is being thrown around.

Any other “improved humans” walking around?

Well, we could begin with Adam and Eve…in concept anyway. Some believe they were created to be immortal until they committed that first sin. That would be the goal of scientists then, “immortality”.

And we have Ethan Rom. His name stands for “Other Man” which pretty much sums things up when you view in light of technology advancements. Or, combine his name with comic books by Marvel from the show and you might end up with a comic book character named “ROM” who was half-human and half-machine.

If you dig around the popular term of human plus machine you will come across the father of Transhumanism is John Desmond Bernal. John, Des, and Bernard? I think Desmond is named after this guy as a clue. This scientist was known for his view that we should push ethics out of the way in order to remake mankind.

Gilamesh is the clue in a crossword puzzle that John was working on. The oldest story known is about the search for immortality.

So what do these clues point to? LOST is a big experiment. Think of Ben dismissing off-handedly when John asks what these stations are for. Ben says something like, “Oh just a bunch of silly experiments.” Maybe Linus doesn’t even realize he is a rat in a maze.

Think of other oddities like Walt’s face on a milk carton. Granted, it was a dream, but the mind still has to be aware of certain facts before it can incorporate them into a dream…right? So, the world knew Walt was on the plane, so why would he be shown as a missing person? It just doesn’t fit right. But what if Walt really did end up missing at some other time?

All these things point to a big experiment. Following is my proposal of events and we get a second answer – how the plane crashed and had survivors with barely a scratch.

The airplane, Flight 815, was a big deep freezer. Maybe the survivors are still asleep in some lab somewhere still and the entire show are their dreams? I’m thinking of the book title, “Do Electric Sheep Dream?” Anyway, most likely they were put into some frozen state and became test subjects. Locke was healed. Rose was healed. Other tweaks were made. And then they woke up the subjects on a beach. Remember that this island has the ability to release gases into the air that seem pretty widespread and effective. Remember that Charlotte and Daniel wanted haz-mat suits on…as did Kelvin Inman.

Well, that’s my guess and I’m sticking to it…until the next LOST TIDBITS.


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