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LT342: Can't Read My Own Handwriting


I’ve scribbled notes everywhere. Today was the day to sift through those and either save them or toss them. I found one and can’t believe it hasn’t been discussed yet. More shocking was that I was able to read my own handwriting.

In recap episode someone said, “..John turned the same wheel Ben had turned…”. Everyone once in awhile I almost fall out of my chair when something is said on LOST. This was one of the moments. Same wheel?

But we saw Ben turn a COLD wheel and John turned a HOT wheel.

Did the Dharma Initiative freeze this room in hopes of controlling its power between John’s turn and Ben’s turn?


A comment this past week asks why the Man in Black would be eager to enter the cabin. He could have found Jacob in the foot of the statue where no ring of ash existed.

I’ve been thinking about this since it was suggested by my son that the ring of ash around the cabin is what kept the Man in Black out and thereby protected Jacob. After reading the posted comment above, I have to agree with the poster.

In fact, I’m going to suggest that Jacob wasn’t even in the cabin…it was the Man in Black inside. The ring of ash was meant to keep him inside, maybe? All those years he claimed to be Jacob, but wasn’t. So the guy in the rocking chair, and Christian and Claire could have been manifestations of the Man in Black.

I believe there are some similarities to the Bible story about the Devil being bound in chains and placed in the bottomless pit for a period of time so his influence would be limited on mankind.

This would have had to happen after the conversation we witnessed on the beach where Jacob was cooking fish.

Now if this is a better read on things, then we have to wonder how Smokey ran free around the island while the Man in Black was inside the cabin. The only thing I can offer for this is that Smokey and the Man in Black are not the same…uh…thing. This takes us to the line of thinking where Smokey is really a pet, a tool, a guard dog for the Man in Black.

Yeah, we have John Black (my name for the second John Locke) saying, “Sorry you had to see my like [the Smoke monster]”, but that could be more semantics than anything else. In other words, the Man in Black and Smokey can manifest themselves as whatever they want.

Great comment…you made me think!


SMG comments, “I am always intrigued by the whispers! Any news on what they were saying during last week's episode?”

While researching I discovered whispers were heard in the official promo for Season 6:

In “LAX” episode the whispers are heard right before Kate and company are captured by the Others in the tunnels. I’ve yet to find a reliable interpretation but something else crossed my path:

Remember Charlotte Malkin? She is the daughter of the psychic who told Claire to raise the child herself, then strongly encouraged her onto Flight 815. In the airport you might recall that Charlotte runs into Mr. Ecko and tells him that she saw Yemi “between places”.

I bring this up because whispers were heard when Charlotte was on the autopsy table. That’s right, she died. The coroner had a tape of the autopsy events. In fact, she had drowned…just like Sayid. Hmmm…

The whispers at that time said, in part:

She's alive!""How will we know"
"She's not dead""I found it"
"We’re sending them in" (or) "Let’s hear what she says"

In a related side note, the woman who was to adopt Claire’s baby – but refused due to her husband leaving her in the alternative timeline – is named Lindsey Baskum. That’s an anagram for “Used by Malkin”. Double hmmm…

I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for any interpretation of the whispers, so keep checking back on LOST TIDBITS!


The producers have told us that if you take the name “Johnny” and add two vowels and three consonants you will get the letters necessary to make an anagram clue for LOST.

One more challenge…it will be in a foreign language!


One possible hint is Boba Fett – he is that guy from the Star Wars movie. If you research alternate names for the Devil you find “Baphonet” which is sort of close to how you pronounce “Boba Fett”.

Baphonet is associated with Aleister Crowley who wrote the Book of Laws that is offered as a selection choice to the young John Locke. Crowley also invented a set of tarot cards named “Thoth”; which is the name of the Egyptian god who intermediates between good and evil.

Baphonet is also associated with the severed head of John the Baptist. There is also a connection here with the Knight Templar. What the LOST producers said was that Boba Fett was a template…Baphonet the Templar? Yeah, it’s a reach.

Hurley was dressed like John the Baptist in Charlie’s religious dream.


Some have suggested the phrase is Spanish which works out to something like “Jethro’s son-in-law”. JOHNNY + EETRR = Jethro Yerno.

Anyway, the son-in-law of Jethro is the Bible is Moses. Recall that Ben made some comment to John Locke about looking like Moses back in Season 5.

Strange as it may seem but a philosopher by the name of Sigmund Freud once made an analysis of the two personalities of Moses. The Midianite side, says Freud, is a “volcano god” and we all know there is a volcano on this island. Further, Sig says that Moses was like a pillar of smoke. Food for thought.

Oh, and the great-great-grandfather of Moses was…Jacob.

It should also be mentioned that Moses had a pretty rough life all things considered. As a baby he was orphaned (Claire?) and was raised by another (Egyptians). We also know he was not keen to public speaking since he had a speech problem. Even being reluctant God still prompted him to lead His people through the wilderness to the promise land – sort of like John Locke.

Let me know if you figure this puzzle out.


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Diana said...

My head spins on the cabin and the ash thing. If the ash was to keep MIB in the cabin, why then was Ilana and Bram going to the cabin to find Jacob. She came out and said he was gone and showed Bram the piece of tapestry with the statue on it so they knew where to find Jacob.