Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LT343: Time To Weigh In


If you caught a peek at the promos for tonight’s episode you can deduce that we are about do some weighing. Literally, we are weighing rocks – one white, one black. Figuratively, we are weighing who wins the war. This should be cool.


Also, those who have promoted a mirror theory – which includes the Bad Twin Theory – you look to be gaining some points tonight.


Speaking of weight, it seems as if Hurley just might be at the center of all things LOST. In what way?


As we have been reminded time after time (HA), it may not be a mirror but a window…or both. Yeah, like that two-way glass that Charlie was swimming in while Hurley was being interviewed by the police. So instead of Jack breaking a mirror it could be a two-way mirror with someone watching on the other side. Who could that be?


Before we settle down to this week’s episode, “Substitute”, let’s rewind…

Same whale Kate found in Claire’s bag was being held by Aaron when Kate was raising him.


The police came looking for Kate in the hospital room and said they were looking for “Joan Hart”. That’s the same name on the letter that Kate received telling her about her dying mother. Who sent that letter?


Arzt almost gets hit by the taxi and screams, “I’m walking here.” That’s the same line he yelled at Ana Lucia when she was being Christian’s driver.


Freud once described that need for God as an Oceanic feeling. Well, you too can sense that by going to Kayak.com and looking for a one-way flight from Sydney to LAX on September 22, 2010.

It looks like this (click to see a larger version):

By the way, if you haven't heard of Kayak.com you must check them out. A very good resource for travel plans, especially foreign locations...like the South Pacific! HA!


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