Thursday, February 11, 2010

LT341: Kids, Loopholes and Thoughts


My son called me last night and we discussed LOST. I took notes – as I do during the show – and during the conversation the phone’s battery was dying. That forced us to cut our chatter off in odd places such as when we were talking about this loophole of the Man in Black. It went something like this:

“It seems that the loop…crackle, crackle, crackle…hole…are you still there?”

And then it hit me. It isn’t a “loophole” that the Man in Black was after but a “loop hole”. There is a hole in the loop. What loop? Well, that takes us to the next section.

But first, we should offer our theory on how the loop of ash around the cabin got disturbed. When Ben and John visited the cabin, they were careful to step over it. However, when Hurley stumbled upon the cabin alone – and he was stumbling around quite a bit – he may have created a breach in the ash ring.


We noticed Bram, the cabin and the Temple folk took the ashes and made a loop around the protected object. A LOOP around the intended item. It was only when the hole was made in the ashes that formed a loop around the cabin that the Man in Black was able to succeed. In this case, the Man in Black was able to make it to the cabin. There are probably other holes in loops – like the tapestry loops of thread – we may have overlooked as well.


As we have been told, the women who get pregnant on Mysterious Island can never deliver and soon die afterwards.

Except for Amy. Seeing Ethan in last week’s episode made my son and I to think back on the fact that Amy and Ethan were fine. Now it seems pretty likely that Horace and Amy conceived the baby while living on the island. Horace, being the leader, had to stick around. And Amy had been there some period of time with her first husband. It isn’t likely the two slipped off the island for a weekend. So…how did Ethan and Amy survive?

My son has a theory on that. He offers that the pregnancy problems did not begin to show up until after Ben killed his father and the Dharma Initiative with the gas. Perhaps it was that gas that caused the problems. If so, consider who has been gassed since that point in time!


While chatting about the loop hole, I mentioned that a piece of the tapestry was on the cabin wall. It was held on the wall by a knife. Ilana found it there.

I then remembered that John cut a piece of the tapestry corner off to use it as a rag to wipe the blood off his knife. The question then was if the knife on the cabin wall was the same knife that John killed with? No.

A little digging and we discovered that John’s knife is NOT the same as the one on the cabin wall. We will call the second knife: Jacob’s knife. We compared it to the filet knife that Jacob used on the fish at the beach and yes, that knife matches the cabin wall. Again, that was Jacob’s knife.

We are in the process of analyzing the knife shown to young John Locke.


This then led us back to the tapestry where I suggested the piece on the wall was the same as the piece John cut. I’m wrong. There were TWO pieces cut out of the tapestry according to my son – and he does do a good bit of researching before proclaiming something.

Only one piece in the pictures shows the symbols that match up to the hieroglyphics we saw in Smokey’s chamber - that of Anubis weighing the hearts of the dead. His jackal image is distinct. And the image shows a black animal head. Black seems to correlate to Smokey in some way…hmmm.

Black is also the color of soil – as in underground. And the soil of the Nile – the home of our favorite gods – is also black. Black soil in Egyptian mythology is also associated with rebirth. And Smokey seems pretty good at the rebirth thing (see previous post).


It was getting late by this point, so we wrapped it up. He said he would call back with more thoughts.


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Anonymous said...

OK but why MIB would be so eager to enter the cabin? To find Jacob? He could have found him at the beach under the statue where there was no ash around the building.

KC said...


Good questions that I have no answer to right off the top of my head. Let me ponder this a bit as all this tapestry, knifes and ash rings have me more confused than ever.