Sunday, August 16, 2009

LT289: Some Real Clues...or Not?


Here is a promo picture for Season 6:

Sort of clouded in mystery, huh? If you’ve been reading my posts lately then you know there is some emphasis being placed on the numbers 15 and 16. This emphasis comes from the summer game involving those unauthorized paintings.

The poster could be a hint, so look at the 15th and 16th persons. It appears Number 15 is Sayid, but I can’t make out the 16th person in that row – looks female to me.

As TIDBITS is known to do, we kept digging and found this image instead:

Ah, Number 16 is Libby. Wait, Libby?!!

And there’s Michael and Mr. Eko and the whole gang. How can we not pull some theories out of this single image? If everyone is back, then can you “square one”? Loop, dude, loop.

SIDE NOTE: In an interview ages ago, the producers mentioned that 23 was the key number. I’ve seen little supporting evidence of that since, but it has never left my mind and deserves mention. In Season 5 we could argue that 16 was prominent (Flight 316), so maybe they changed their minds, but felt the 23 spotlight shouldn’t be forgotten.


Faithful readers will know about my Computer Theory floated a few months ago. It sort of lost (ha) steam when Season 5 started pushing the time jumps because of the Frozen Dharma Wheel.

But with the new promo picture above, I have to at least throw the idea that computer programs are full of loop procedures. Do While…Do Until…For/Next…you get the idea.

It seems with Season 6 teasers we are going to go back to the beginning where everyone is present and accounted for. Maybe the looping is time-oriented, but I have to point out that the producers have also stated that the time stuff was basically over in Season 5. Hmm….

So if time looping is done for, then I wish to revisit computer looping. Most computer program loops are for a) a certain number of iterations or b) until a certain condition is met. I’m leaning towards option B.

I’m working on some ideas that will be presented in future posts, so for now let me just throw out a series of words to consider: computers, eye, and microchip. HA!


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