Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LT290: Course Work


If you read TIDBITS faithfully then you know two things about me. First, I’m taking college classes. Second, I see LOST in everything…mostly because I’m looking for it.

I just finished a couple of Astronomy courses and someone said something that made me say, “Hmmm…”. What if LOST was about some mission to Mars?

If we wanted clues we have plenty of them beginning with star names like Apollo. The Egyptians called Mars, “Horus the Red”. It is the FOURTH planet from the Sun.

There is a crater on Mars known as the Galle Crater whose nickname is the “Smiley Face Crater”. On the real Henry Gale’s balloon we observed a large smiley face.

I also learned that there are several types of time – solar, sidereal, and um, well others! The time discrepancy we see on the show might be related to WHERE in the universe the island is positioned.

All the planets have orbits that perform a type of dance with each other where at only certain times can certain things happen – like a window of opportunity. Mars has opposition to Earth once every 23 months, for example.

Am I reading too much into my coursework or just maybe…


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