Wednesday, August 12, 2009

LT288: Plotting the Plot


In the last TIDBITS post we learned that a comedian turned painter named Paul Scheer was being told to stop creating his LOST-inspired artwork (including the Polar Bear painting seen in the last post) without authorization.

I quickly typed in Ronie Midfew Arts into Google and found his page at and there is just this logo:

When one hovers over the logo, a message can be read as such:

NOTE: You can click on these images and see a larger version.

It seems that August 15 will be a pivotal day in the life of Mr. Scheer and the LOST family. Scheer’s velvet paintings will be sold online at

Currently there are over 15 links (remember the logo sub-title about 16) on this site, so that should fill your days for awhile.


As of this writing we have learned that the title of Episode 1 will be, “LA X”. It was pointed out that there is a space between “A” and “X”, so we would be rash to jump to the conclusion that this is a reference to the airport in Los Angeles.

It could simply mean there is some sort of variable found in LA. Or I like to think of “X marks the spot” where some treasure or major piece of the LOST puzzle can be found. Hmmm…


With Comic Con and the new summer game, it seems the theorists are reinvigorated with ideas. Here is one of the best ones…

LOST is telling the truth…always has…always will. But…

I’m reminded of news lately about the truth in photography. One example is from the last Olympics where that little Chinese girl was lip-synching the song. They put her out there because she “looked better” while the better voice was backstage doing her part.

Also in the Olympics we learned that the TV shots on NBC add CGI-added fireworks.

A story on NPR discussed photography that has been altered in this Photoshop era. However, it seems that images from several decades past had been staged. We aren’t talking average Joe, but some of the more famous pictures taken. The ones that moved a country to action or inaction. Amazing how much influence media has.

But the point behind this theory is that everything is perception and perspective. A photographer tried to explain that an angle of a shot is in many ways like Photoshop cropping. Had the picture taker widen the view to see normal life, then the huddled mass along a bullet-riddled wall wouldn’t have quite the impact. If another photographer caught the first with tripod and hollering out orders, would that have worked as effectively for change? Probably not.

And so this debate relates to this LOST theory in that the producers have cheated in some ways. They have cropped the image, truncated the dialog and abbreviated the meaning. Season 6 then will widen those angles, elongate the conversation and elaborate on the fuller meaning. And the season will do this several times.

We have been teased with this all along with the flashbacks filling in a puzzle piece which makes us think, “OH! That’s why!”.

And it will continue, but likely in a rapid pace like we’ve not seen before. I expect many of us will think we have the understanding only to see a completely different point of view.

Think of the airplane crash…

…we’ve seen it from Ben’s point of view as he sends Ethan and Goodwin off to die.

…we’ve seen it from Locke’s point of view as he wiggles his toes.

…we’ve seen it from Jack’s point of view as he self-anoints himself as The Fixer of all that is broken.

I suspect Season 6 will show us a few more point of views and in the end…nothing did change as Daniel predicted. The bomb blew, the hatch imploded, the past stayed the same. However, our view, our perspective of events will radically change based on what we are about to see.

This theory is worth remembering.


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