Sunday, August 9, 2009

LT287: The Summer Games Are On


You would have to be a major lover in (modern?) art to like this painting:

This is a “real” painting done by Paul Scheer (who makes a living as a comedian) and given to Damon and Carlton at this year’s Comic Con. Afterwards, Paul gets a cease and desist order from some art gallery named “RONIE MIDFEW ARTS”.

Of course, Ronie Midfew Arts, is an anagram for “Widmore Fine Arts”. Of course.

This leads to an art blog at

You know there will plenty more on this lead in the coming TIDBITS!


Finals Week is finally over! Yeah! You can expect a bit more consistency (just a bit) from LOST TIDBITS…especially now that a summer game seems to be starting up.

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