Wednesday, April 8, 2009

LT424: Dead is Dead Initial Thoughts

The worst thing about immediate posting is it doesn't give me time to digest. Each week LOST gives us a full-course meal and we should heed that advice about waiting 30 minutes. But time waits for no one, so here goes...


Ben says that the Survivors call it the Monster. We call it Smokey. Tonight I call it just plain strange. The final scene was a lot like Mr. Eko except Ben apologized where Eko said he had nothing to be sorry for. Don't mean to keep beating the religious drum, but that sounds like a popular doctrine - repentance.

The orders are clear now: follow John. Funny, but the monster doesn't seem able to tell if Ben is lying about his promise, but I could tell from where I was sitting. You don't jump through this many hoops just to become a follower.


As much as she has disappointed me, tonight I felt a bit sorry for her. All the options provided her were not very good ones. Can you imagine either going into the hole with John and Ben OR being left to stand outside in the jungle at night? If my count is right, there were only two torches so she is standing in the dark.


-- What was Ilena keeping in that big metal box?

-- Did the "what lies in the shadow of the statue" remind you of "what did one snowman say to the other snowman"? Me too.

-- Is Ilena another Widmore group infiltrating this island?

-- If Ben meant to kill Penny then why didn't he? If he didn't mean to kill her, then why pretend?

-- How did Ben crawl out of the water?

-- I'm betting now that it was a liquid that saved Desmond. Was it Charlie that saved mommy?

-- Ben had a good heart? He saved Alex and Richard seemed to be keeping a close eye on Ben's progress.

-- So you can't leave the island or have children with an outsider? What pulled Charles off the island in the first place?

-- Tunnels run under this island and that is how Smokey gets around. But if you find one of his exit holes and fill it with water....

-- I saw electricity and sparks in the smoke.

-- Dead is can John be killed? Had Caesar shot John would that have revealed something John that Ben didn't want him to know?

-- Why is Ben taking so long to heal?

-- Desmond's boat was the name of the last book he would ever read, "Our Mutual Friend"

-- Has Ben ever directly killed anyone?


Well, this episode is going to take some analysis so check back often. Until then, my advice is this, "If you hear whispers, run the other way."


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Eggplant Girl said...

You ask, "Can John be killed?" I think he *is* dead. The guy running around the island who looks like Locke is really the Smoke Monster. That's how Locke knew how to get to the temple wall (or did Jin draw him a map after the Montand incident?), that's why Locke was offstage the entire time Ben was with Smokey and then reappeared the minute Smokey dissipated. That's why Smokey Alex ordered Ben to obey "Locke." Just my $.02.

KC said...


You and I think alike! Nice thoughts!


Eggplant Girl said...

KC, here are two more tidbits that support my theory. Last night, Locke says to Ben, "I just wanted an apology." Gee, isn't that what Smokey usually wants? He wanted Eko to apologize, Eko said, "I'm not sorry," goodbye Eko. Later, Ben says to Sun, "you better go inside because what is about to come out of that jungle is something I can not control." What comes out of the jungle? LOCKE.

KC said...


I concur. I think the scene where Caesar was about to shoot Locke also was a clue. Had Ben allowed to happen Mr. Locke would still be standing and not bleeding. That would have led to lots of new questions.

I am a bit confused on how Smokey can be Locke but then not know he is a ghost. Wouldn't John know he isn't dead and he sure seems not to know it. But as Ben said, dead is dead.