Thursday, April 9, 2009

LT243: Visual Aids


Yes, we pour over the details of this show. Yes, we get a week in between to share notes. But when we heard Widmore left the island due to frequent nights on the continent and a tryst with an outsider, that seemed to differ with Widmore’s earlier explanation about turning the Dharma Wheel. It is a continuity error or is this one of those picture frame changing moments (think the staircase when Miles chased away a ghost with his DustBuster).

And while I’m on details concerning Widmore…the exile seemed to happen after the Purge in 1992-93. This would make it 15 years later when Ben calls Widmore at Penny’s boat. Widmore said he had been trying to return for 20 years. Maybe it just feels like 20 years.


When Ben was sent to kill Danielle the boy with him was Ethan. His hair seemed a little blonde for Ethan.

Did you catch the board game in Ben’s house? It is RISK, one of my all-time favorites. It appears no one has been in this house since Keamy and his merry band of military men stormed the island.

Did you catch the name of Penny and Desmond’s boat was “Our Mutual Friend” which is the title of Desmond’s last book he would ever read?

How about that metal case that Ilena seemed to using to carry weapons? That’s a big case for guns…what else could be in there? A casket?

Did you catch the Egyptian images in the tunnels under the Temple? It looked like the statue character bowing before Smokey. Anubis seems to be the winner of the Guess the Statue image.

LOST REVIEW: Transceiver

We last discussed the attempt by Jack, Kate and Charlie to find the cockpit. What they ran into was rain and the monster. But eventually they found what they were looking for: the transceiver.

As we review past clues in LOST we are attempting to find a common theory to explain the events we witness each week. At this point of our review we have covered topics found in part 1 of the Pilot episode. There is an amazing amount of clues pointing to a computer. This leads us to conclude that some kind of virtual reality is happening.

This post we have moved into part 2 of the Pilot episode and one of the key items is the transceiver. Again we find a clue related closely to a computer. Both use circuitry, microchips and have input and output capability. For trivia sake a transceiver is a sending and receiving device (transmitter and receiver). It talks and it listens as it provides two-way communication.

Once the transceiver is brought back to the beach it is up to Sayid to attempt to get it working. Kate checks on the progress and Sayid says that it can’t be used on the beach but perhaps on higher ground a signal might be found. He warns that the batteries are low.

You may not be aware but workstation computer do have a batter in them. Laptops obviously have batteries but even the MAGIC BOX under your desk has a battery. This is required for when the power is off because the computer still must keep the TIME.

I realize the influence it has when I capitalize words, but do take note that these popular terms are going to be future themes and topics on LOST. I just can’t help it, but everything keeps pointing to computers.


Another thought on this subject is that the transceiver is trying to suggest communication. Anthropologists agree that speech is one of the few things that separate us from the animals. In all fairness it should be pointed out the importance of communication in science and religion. The word “communion” comes to mind on the religion side.

This non-computer analysis seems pertinent because soon the Survivors are going to march up to higher ground and find a signal. The receiver portion of the transceiver picks up a message that is on a loop for 16 years. Yeah, computer programs loop through lines of code. But on the non-computer side of the debate we notice the message is in French which seems to point out that while one can be talking, it doesn’t mean anyone can understand. The strict definition of communication would include sending a message and having it be received.

One last point…Sayid says they can’t send a message because the incoming transmission is blocking them. This reminds me a bit of religion in that God has left several messages (Bible, Torah, Book of Mormon, etc.) but they are each one-way communication.


I’d be willing to call this a tie between computer and religion. Ok, let’s call computers the science side of things and we have a tie between the show discussing religion AND science.


There is a lot on my plate right now, so keep checking back since we have just scratched the surface of this episode!



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