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LT241: Warning Messages, Memory and Variables


Richard warns Kate and Sawyer that if he takes Ben then Ben will always be “one of them”. Why does it seem that so many people are bending over backwards to help this guy? Could it be that history can be re-written and maybe the redemption theme will extend to Ben who will be given a chance to change his ways?

Imagine if that is what happens! Charles Widmore is invited back to the island to lead the Others happily ever after. Roger Linus marries Kate and they have 23 kids together. The sonic fence is taken down and a new civilization is started that outlasts the outside world. That would be strange.

Consider what we have seen in five seasons, I’m more inclined to wonder about Juliet. If the doctrine “once an Other, always an Other”, than could Juliet still be a threat? Does Sawyer realize the danger of having a Latin-speaking Other in their midst? Could see be leaving tape recorded messages for Richard some place? Yikes!


Richard tells us that Ben won’t have any memory of what has happened prior to his “healing”. Fine, I can work with that. But that got me thinking about all these beverages again.

Juliet drank something in order to “not remember” the trip to the island in the submarine. Claire returned from her ordeal with Ethan and couldn’t remember anything and we saw her drinking something bitter.

One has to wonder if the drinks being served and the medicine show performed by Oldham aren’t related in some way. It may not be a time flashing at all. Re-ordering the show in chronological order may be the actual and only order of events ever to have happened. The headaches and dizzying lights could be part of the memory beverage. Hmm…


I came across an interesting theory for the statue. It could be the goddess, Taweret. Here is some pretty convincing evidence:

The goddess was said to carry an Ankh – same symbol Paul wore around his neck! Plus the four toes…I’d bet money on this one. Plus the pregnancy tie-in and we have ourselves a resolved mystery! Well, maybe…

LOST REVIEW: The Purple Sky

This is going to be a quick one because the main point is that light is a critical theme of LOST. Light and computers share a lot of commonality.

Besides “flash drives”, we know computers use light in the form of lasers to read CD’s or to project holograms. Computers use light as an interface device: monitors.


When time changes on the island, we have always observed a light flash. This leaves me wondering if the memory banks of the supercomputer aren’t being reset or re-programmed.

In a computer program we find “variables”. This term is used to hold the value of various key pieces. For example:

Person1 = Jake
Person2 = Kate
Time = 9/22/2004
Animal1 = Boar

And so on…what if the flashes are changing the variable known as “time”? The rest of the program continues to operate without notice or obstruction, but the date-related routines now have a different value. If a piece of the code goes to retrieve other objects based on the time variable, then it gets a 1970’s Technics turntable at one point in time and a 2008 watch at another time. Keep in mind that unless the programmer tells a program to “dump all current variables” the computer just holds on to the current values. This might be what gives us our occasional anachronistic observations!


So far our observations are leaning heavily towards a supercomputer as a valid hypothesis. We do have some areas however that do not directly relate to a computer such as the religious and philosophical themes. In the next TIDBITS we will explore a possible rationale for these observations.


After the next episode, there will be the Initial Thoughts posting. The next one is entitled, “Dead is Dead”. That sounds interesting and may begin to explain some of the ghosts we have seen.

Here is your teaser photo for this next episode:

Check it out...more beverages and a purple shirt. Hmm...


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