Wednesday, March 4, 2009

LT218: LaFleur Initial Thoughts

That was one of the best episodes in a long time!


So John stops the record from skipping and the song is 1974 so to speak. Very clever transition on how Jin and everyone earn their Dharma jumpsuits. They have not explained how they missed the submarine in two weeks other than by implying that the longer they put it off the easier it became to just stay put.


One of my favorite transitions was having Sawyer wake up on the couch after going through the sonic fence. Then Sawyer watches Horace wake up on the couch by the end of the episode - both complaining about headaches. That led nicely into the "is three years long enough". I was hollering, "The Dharma van is going to pull up any minute!".


So dead people can't pass through the flashes - poor Charlotte. Good thing or she would have seen herself as a little child.

Does this mean that Annie and Horace's child can't be Daniel? This seems true for several reasons, but I'm focusing on the fact that one shouldn't be able to see themselves twice.

Did Jin have a cell phone to call Sawyer? Maybe there is some outpost with phone service but if it is outside the fence, the Hostiles should have tore it down.

Lest we forget...the statute returns!

If Dharma is here and funded by Hanso...and if Widmore Industries is attached to this building effort as we suspect, then couldn't Widmore just trot back to the island anytime? Remember he said Ben tricked him, so that implies that Widmore will be on the island when Ben 1990-ish. Let me sort this out.


It seems the truce is back on again. At least in 1974. What causes the truce to be broken? Will that be related to the statue being blown to pieces?

And this leads me to a whole line of thought on the line of rulers - both Dharma and Hostiles. Any ideas on the this? Dharma has Horace and then who? I'll work on this.


By my math, Ben has until 1992 before the Purge.

My guess is then that next week a new shipment of Dharma recruits show up and Ben is on age 10 or 12. Add on 18 years and then Ben gases his father and the the truce is broken around that time.

This ties into the line of leadership, so was a late showing in Iowa due to some basketball game, so let me blame the hour for not thinking this through. Besides, this is just initial thoughts.


This will go down as one of the best all time episodes for LOST. Helpful and yet intriuging. How is Kate going to react to the Sawyer-Juliet thing? How is Sun going to react to a husband who once worked for mean Widmore that is now working for Dharma?

And let's be open about this...the record must skip one more time to get them all back to the right song or there is going to be some major rifts in the time-space continuum.


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Anonymous said...

Ben says...
Good show, I liked.
I only wished we could have seen the swan, and who ran it.
The only problem I have is the inconsistency in Richard's appearance. Short hair in distant past, short hair this episode, then long hair when he meets Ben the first time (which should be soon after this episode's timeline), then short again in present.
When did they show the statue?

KC said...


Hair observation - nice one that I missed.

The statue - at the very beginning of the episode when Sawyer is holding the rope to nowhere. Jin (or was it Miles) says "Look" and we see the BACK of the complete statue. Or maybe I was really tired. You got me second guessing myself.


Aunt J-ha said...

It was a great episode, for me though, it doesn't trump The Constant or The Little Prince. I love Sawyer's evolution in 3 years and even found myself feeling sorry for Juliet. Very fun to watch. And I hope we see some more of the statue in the near future. Like the front of it, at least! It looked kind of like a woman to me. Or a slim, pretty man.