Tuesday, March 3, 2009

LT217: Visual Aids


Hurley was doing some arts and craft at the Santa Rosa Mental Hospital when John/Jeremy came to visit him. Here is a snapshot of his painting:

The Egypt theme just keeps coming up again and again. The Sphinx is said to have guarded the entrance to an ancient city. In order to enter the city the Sphinx would ask a riddle. That riddle, according to Greek legend, was: “Which creature in the morning goes on four legs, at mid-day on two, and in the evening upon three, and the more legs it has, the weaker it be?”

The Sphinx was used as a symbol for the US Army Military Intelligence back in 1923 and retained until 1962.

With a mix of military and ancient Egypt, the writers keep pointing us back to a couple of popular themes. What do you think it could mean? Personally, I keep thinking of the Underworld.


It seems a story of a slave ship made the news last November. It seems that a ship crashed off the shore of Africa sometime in the 1800’s. The identity of the wreckage remained a secret until a letter was discovered. This letter provided the location of the wreck and other pieces of identification. One such piece of info was the sale of two dolls with glass eyes.

Talk about life imitating art!

The survivors of the wreck were rescued and taken to a nearby island where they were forced to work for a year to repay their rescuers. This letter went on to describe how the descendents now make up some 30,000 inhabitants of the island today. The document described how a list was made which would make it possible then to identify the ancestors of this wreck. To date, the list has not been found.

Dolls. Glass eyes. Slave ship. A list. All too spooky. The letter also led to the discovery of the ship since it provided its location to a landmark: two miles east of something called the Black Rock. Hmmm…

You can read the whole story here:


Recall a post or two back we saw Caesar retrieving a drawing from the Hydra Station filing cabinet. It was a match to the drawing in Daniel’s book. Well, we go one step further with this observation:

It seems Radzinsky’s glow-in-the-dark map is a match to Daniel’s drawing. Would it be wild if Daniel turns out to be Radzinsky? But he killed himself, so maybe not. Could we say they at least knew each other?

Speaking of Daniel…when he speaks, why doesn’t he have a British accent like mom?


I’m not sure what to make of this picture that is floating around:


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Adrian said...

Hi KC,

The LA Times article is just cool. Plain cool.

Nice catch on the blast door.

I think we will see Radzinsky, and I don't think he is Daniel.

Your Thoughts on Hurley's painting are interesting, but he did joke that when he painted the igloo, he was hoping fans would think it was home to Penny's island-watch crew.

Other thoughts--

As the son of two British nationals, one of whom sounds like Marry Poppins, I can vouch for Daniel's lack of an accent. Accent of parents matters, but less than your friends, other family and your school/community. I was raised in New Jersey-California-Texas.

Suicide: I generally like your thoughts on this. However, Micheal's actions, it could be argued, were akin to suicide. Without knowing more, the same might be said of Christian Shepherd. So unless we find out that someone snuck into his room to snuff him, we his reasons for being in a coffin are different than John's.

Also, Charlie knew pushing the button would result in his death. Mikhail, as pulled the pin of the grenade to kill Charlie was also, arguably, killing himself.

Who has Aaron. After Claire visited Kate's home, I think Ms. Littleton is more likely than Clem. What about Jack's grandfather or with Sun's mom?

Ben said he killed Abbadon, but I doubt it. I like your suspicion that Helen's gravesite was a fake. If true, I submit that Abbadon's death was also a sham. The way those shot ripped him...looked like close range shot from a shotgun...but we saw no shooter. Methinks his death was also fake.

However, Helen died from a brain aneurysm? Really? Lots of people from the island have that problem too. Coincidence?

Kat said...

What's going on with Bernard??? Oh, no! I just thought of a spoiler I heard. He can't die!!!!!