Friday, January 30, 2009

LT190: Mother, Do You Think They'll Drop the Bomb?


Curios as to where Desmond was when he retrieved a doctor for Penny’s delivery: the Philippines.

Recall the room that Desmond went to view at Oxford? The Physics department sign had 8 and 42 in the numbers.

Better yet, see the changes to the sign from The Constant to Jughead:

Jughead referred to the H-bomb, but it was also the name of a character in the Archie comic books. The real name of the cartoon guy was Forsythe Pendleton Jones III…just like the name tag on our Charles Widmore youngster.


Lately, I’ve been noticing how key conversations keep getting interrupted at the right…or wrong…times. Important stuff is about to happen and then, wham, someone or something interrupts them. The greatest example is back when Mikhail is about to meet the sonic fence and he stops to tell Kate that she is not on the list, but he doesn’t know her. Then he looks and John and says something like, “But you, John Locke, are familiar to me. But the John Locke I knew was paral…” and Danielle interrupts him! Arrgh!

This past episode, Jughead, we have John about to make an interest comment or two about the rifle one of the military men are carrying and wham, Juliet cuts him off.

John does get out the fact that it is a 30 caliber M1 Garand Rifle that looks “new”. It was standard military issue during the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. Good eye John and he probably told us enough, but let the man speak!


Why is Charlotte the only one feeling the ill effects of the time jumps? The most popular guess is that those born on the island are the ones to feel the effects.

When Desmond introduced the concept he was on the Freighter and he and Minkowski were bleeders. This means Des, Mink, and Charlotte are children of the island…so Aaron will nose bleed too? We all know Desmond stopped the bleeding by having a constant from the time they were jumping…who do these people know for the 1940’s? Richard?


Imagine if John had shot young Charles Widmore. But remember, you can’t alter the past, so the bullet would not have killed him. Sorry, Sawyer.


Did you catch the comment from the military guys that they believed the Survivors had set the land minds? From one shot you can read, “FRONT TOWARDS ENEMY”. Well, that brand of claymore was not invented until 1956…two years AFTER the given year.

We either had a proper error or in some other yet-to-be-seen Jump Point, the Survivors DO set the land minds as they have prior knowledge of events to have happened (yeah, no verb tense problem, I wrote that as I intended!).

Maybe, neither set them…making Danielle a candidate, of course.


Most are of a mind that the snotty military women keeping a gun on Daniel is his mother. From 1954 to 2004…that would make her 50 plus her current age of 20-something = 70-ish. Ms. Hawking fits.

Who are those sister’s of Faraday and why is Widmore paying the bill? This reminded me of Christian Shephard paying the tab for Claire’s mother in the hospital. And we should add in that Michael’s girlfriend paid for his bills. Hmmm…

Do notice the old pictures on the wall and the mirror.

And is it me or does the woman in the red vest remind you of Jill the Butcher a bit?


I’ve been waiting for this to happen. Who got to space first, a government entity or private company? First to the moon? So, it makes sense that a government is involved in this special island. The US Army was there according to Miles (and that Army knife found way back when).


I think Faraday talks them into burying the bomb near the Swan Hatch…explaining Sayid’s observation of some very thick concrete walls. Of course, when the hatch blew…wouldn’t that have set it off?


The entire island is an alien spaceship. Need I say more?


Surely you had the same feeling I did when the Oxford computer was showing no record of a Faraday working there. Someone had erased the files. Who? Well, here is the lady at the desk:

And here she is as the gate attendant for Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 from Season 1. Does it make your skin crawl to know how easy it is for some group to push your life in the direction THEY want it to go? I call them politicians, but that’s a whole other blog!


Not only do the Others seems to speak Latin, but it was written on the Blast Door Map as well, remember? Hmmm… And let’s remember that Latin now is a “dead language”. How old are these people?


Each post of the week we will dig a little deeper into the details, answer some reader comments, and update some old theories!


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