Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LT189: Jughead Thoughts

My goal is to post an immediate response to the show. Schedules will dictate, but that is the purpose for this week, here it is...


WHAT? Let's get it out on the a couple of posts back a section entitled "Wrinkles in Time" the suggestion was made that the Military was traveling in time as well. Some group from the 1940's. Ok, got that wrong, it was 1954. But hey, on the right track.

In brutal honestly, I dismissed it for one simple the same Jump Point the drug plane engine was still smoking above John's head.

This leaves us with a web of criss-crossed, inter-mixed, multi-timeline, mind-boggling, Ethan is present, hydrogen bomb era headache the size that even Charlotte hasn't seen.


Nice to see Desmond has his courage back. But the best part of his storyline tonight was naming his kid Charlie. Nice touch.

Why would Daniel tell Desmond his mommy was at Oxford when she was actually in Los Angeles? Forgetfullness, time warp, or another mystery to unravel? This does explain how Ben got to Ms. Hawking - my guess at who is Daniel's mother still - so quickly. Some readers wondered how Ben made to England in six hours away from Jack, but now we know that Ben only needed to cross town.


Charlotte looks done for, but of course, this is LOST. I mumbled during the show that Desmond had better get a move on. We all know that for Charlotte to live she needs a Constant. Don't ask me who it could be for her.


Kudos to those to guessed the young military man was Charles Widmore. This is going to take some careful thought, but we now learn that Widmore was one of Richard's recruits. Dedicated at that and a strong desire to protect the island. Over time that changed it seems.

Do leaders of the island have a problem getting along with former leaders: Charles, Ben and John?


It has to be mentioned that Richard knew the name of Jacob even in 1954. This guy is really old! And based on Juliet's testimony, so is Richard. Do you think Jacob is in physcial form in 1954?


Another fine mess served up in 60 minutes in the middle of my busy week that left me LOST. But you have to admit, it does make you think! Look for more analysis, things you might have missed, and my guess to who the woman holding the gun on Daniel might be. Ok, I'll guess now: mom! She's going to feel really bad about nearly shooting her own son.



Anonymous said...

Ben Posts...
Awesome show! I jumped twice tonight, once at Desmond's kid's name, the other at Widmore's identification as recruit.

Too bad "Charlie" can be misconstrued for being named after Penny's father.
PS. Crazy thought-what if Charlie goes back in time to become Charles Widmore, to be his mother's father? :P And maybe Aaron goes back and becomes Richard? or Jacob?

Okay, so Hawking could be Daniel's mum. But if she is, and she's a jewelery dealer, she's gotta be loaded enough to help Daniel with his funding, so he didn't need Widmore's help.

I think the woman holding the gun is just going to help Daniel and his team in this next jump, to help get them somewhere. She'll be like, whoa, you ARE from the future! what can I do to help?

There's gotta be a unique Latin label for a man-made object that never got made. The compass just goes around in time never getting made, never getting destroyed. It must be ancient! Too bad Locke never realizes how special it is.

Last thoughts:
I wish Daniel would get rid of that tie,
And stop acting so creepy, touching Charlotte's hair like that. And stop giving that crazed look (I'm from the future..whooaa)

I'd rather deliver my baby myself before I let some strange straw-hut doctor do it, Desmond must be nuts! Not to put down his skill, but he could be some racist, malicious person that deforms white babies. It could happen.

I don't think Charlotte needs a Constant...her mind isn't going in her past and present bodies like Des was, her whole body is moving back and forth through time. She'll prob die next flash unless they get her off the island somehow...prob the same way Locke'll get off.

Til next time
Yours truly,

MDJ said...

I also thought the woman holding the gun could potentially be Daniel's Mom. However, Daniel seems to have a pretty good idea of the past and I would think he would have known whether his Mother had been an "Other" in 1954. Given that, I think his reaction to her would have been different. He obviously thought she was familiar but to me he seemed truly inquizitive, as if he really wasnt' quite sure who she was. This made me think that the woman was the mother of the girl that Daniel loved and "experimented" on...the one Desmond visits and finds bed ridden and brain dead. This would help explain why Charles felt obligated to help the girl, because he used to be in "Other land" with the girls Mom.

MDJ said...

Oh, I also like your idea that the former island leaders have a problem getting a long together. We don't know for sure that Widmore was an island leader but let's say that he was. Perhaps he preceeded Ben and for some reason there was a rift between the two (maybe Widmore resented relinquishing leadership) which explains the feud between the two. Or, perhaps the rift was over a girl...