Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LT188: Show Within A Show


The TV show within a TV show was observed in the premier. Hurley’s father was watching it before Hurley knocked on his door carrying Sayid over his shoulder. If you listened carefully to the show’s announcer it stated that a new character was going to join crime fighting team. That character is Tsunami who used to work for Cobra.

It seems as if the writers of LOST are determined to continue this show within a show, so it might be a good idea to pay attention to the plot of Expose.


Word is that the Geronimo Jackson band’s music will be featured on LOST. Some people have suggested that we should listen closely to the song’s lyrics. It seems some guy discovered tracks for a second GJ album that was never produced. This guy found them and they have made their way to the folks at LOST central.


I’m not so sure this is accurate. Perhaps Locke only appears dead? Ben did seem to want to get Locke’s body in cold storage and this reminds me of Christian in the cold storage at the morgue. Perhaps refrigeration and suspended animation are at play.

Of course the cold storage angle assumes Locke’s body is going into the cooler. It was never explicitly stated that Jill the Butcher was going to place the body in cooler. Hey, wasn’t Charlie’s father also a butcher?

And if John is some sort of fake dead, would it be like Nikki and Paulo who got paralyzed by the Medusa spider and everyone thought they were dead? The scene after Ben and Jill at the butcher shop was immediately followed by Hurley’s father watching Nikki’s show, Expose.


Richard hands John Locke the compass during his first aid treatment. I loved the wit when Locke asks what it does and Richard replies, “It points north, John.” Funny stuff. It is clear now that this was the item that a younger Locke was supposed to select during the object test Richard conducted.

A reader pointed out that the Hostiles disappeared when Locke first jumped back to the past (2001-02). So where did Richard and his merry group of Hostiles go? Richard might be zooming around time trying to find Locke. This is supported by the comment that he wouldn’t recognize John the next time he saw him.

Prior to the crash, Richard only interacted with John as a baby and young child. If the jump point for Richard is after that time but before they meet after the Flight 815 crash then he may not recognize John. Thus the compass could be used for identification. At that time, Locke may explain that at their last meeting Richard was patching a gunshot wound. This then explains why Richard states that John told him he was shot.

Mind boggling stuff the leaves me in need of some direction…like North?


The firm trying to get the blood samples from Kate and Aaron was close to the word agonist that means “involved in struggle or competition”.

I did some searching on military uniforms and came up empty. The best clues were the hat one of them was wearing and the name tag. Believe it or not the name tag is a great clue since it can be any combination of first, middle and last names for each uniform specs. And the location over the left-hand pocket is unique to many dress codes. The biggest challenge was finding a site that allowed for searching things like that. I focused on British military since the names Cunning, Mattingly and Jones supported the accent, but no luck. Let me know if you hear anything to identify the country of origin or the time period.

The new episode is entitled, “Jughead”. I purposefully ignore promos and previews now as it can ruin an enjoyable evening. I’ll try to post some initial thoughts after the show and then as always, more in-depth detail and analysis.

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