Sunday, November 2, 2008

LT140: Another Oddity, Theory and Video


Last post I offered an oddity in that Libby tried to direct Hurley’s nagging mental puzzle by saying he had stepped on her toe even though Hurley was the last to board and Libby was in the tail section.

This post my oddity is Sawyer’s real name. Remember back when Hurley was taking the census. It was soon after the crash and was great idea. The census taking ended up revealing Ethan as a mole. Why then weren’t we shown Hurley struggling with Sawyer’s name? It’s one thing to have a nickname, but with flight security he should have been forced to use his real name, James Ford, that matched his ID.

It’s possible Sawyer explained things to him and told him to keep it secret…but it is an oddity we weren’t shown that conversation as it has a lot of potential as a key component. But if Hurley was not told – and Sawyer was very private at that point of the LOST vacation – then Jack should have been alerted to two names not on the list: Ethan and Sawyer.

When Locke brings up Sawyer’s real name it is interesting that Sawyer didn’t ask, “Did Hugo tell you that?” That would allude to how the manifest and census were able to be completed accurately.


Someone was watching past episodes including the one where named “Expose”. In it Hurley and Sawyer find the script to the episode and it reads:

Hurley: No way, Mr Lushard was the Cobra!Charlie: Is that supposed to mean something?Hurley: Dude, the Cobra's this big, bad guy who's identity has been shrouded in mystery for four seasons.

Knowing the writers of LOST like we do, this could be a hint to the identity of Jacob who has been a mystery for four seasons of LOST.

It is a bit of reach but we constantly reminded that there are tons of clues we haven’t picked up on. The missing clues may not be revelations as much as tiny nuggets, so this could be one of those clues.

We could reached a bit further and suggest that Cobra is sort of an acronym for Jacob. The “r” needs to be a “j” to fit, but we could stretch just a little more and note that an upside “r” is a “j” sort of.

Continued brainstorm includes the observation that Lushard might be suggesting a drunk…like Christian.

If this is being interpreted correctly then it might indicate Jacob will be exposed next season!


We know Locke is fond of saying “Don’t tell me what I can’t do”.

Hurley goes for the “Dude” thing.

So what’s Kate’s catch phrase? Kate tells the Australian Farmer, “My name’s not Annie”. In the episode, “Whatever the Case May Be”, she tells the bank robbers, “My name’s not Maggie”. In “I Do” she tells her husband, “My name’s not Monica”. Finally, when she meets Cassidy and helps her with a bit of revenge she say’s, “My name’s not Lucy”.


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