Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LT139: I Was Thinking About Libby


Recall when these two met on the island they were in the Swan Hatch doing laundry. Hurley asked something like, “Do I know you from somewhere?” Libby, quick on her feet answers, “Sure, you stepped on my foot when you boarded the plane.”

Yet, we know Hurley was mid-section and Libby was in the tail-end. And we know Hurley was last to board. How could he have stepped on her foot?

It seems she might have made a mistake with that quick answer and by doing so told us that she wanted to keep her prior identity hidden – as a patient in the hospital.

And then I start to wonder if she wasn’t there to keep an eye on Hurley. She could have faked the drugged-out look. And we surely have only a seen a tiny part of her back story.

Libby has always been strange and killing her off seemed to end the speculation, but one has to wonder how you get from psychologist, boat owner, widow, mental patient, crash survivor to murder victim without being a little strange.


Lots of little tidbits in this and I’ll share some with you over the next few posts. The one being talked about is an interview with Lindelof. He says the island is like a Mr. Stretch reaching for a glass of water and Jack is the coffee cup.

Ok then. What did he just say? The island has a far reach? Jack is a substitute? If anyone has cream or sugar they would have a leg up on the other survivors?

Odd, but that’s LOST for you.


It seems we have discovered evidence of a solar system around a nearby star. These articles always take my mind to LOST. SETI is involved which is the group that is monitoring for radio signals to prove the existence of ET. Imagine how our world would be turned upside down if we actually find other living beings...or other TYPES of living beings.

I figured most LOST-heads where science freaks, so if you want to read the article you can find it here:;_ylt=Aqejd6abJgHDEbX7V6mHey0szJV4


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ncjl said...

I've had a theory about Libby that I've been mulling over for a while, it sounds like you're on the same track. I figure she's been following Hurley for a while, that was her mission. I can't imagine who she was working for (but it's easy to say Whidmore). She was in the mental hospital, and I doubt she's crazy. I'll bet she was faking it to keep an eye on him. She followed him to Autralia (I don't think we know why she was there) and then she followed him on the plane. She has a cover story, that she's a psychologist, which is a great excuse if he ever did figure out that he saw her at Santa Rosa, but there's no way that she actually was a psychologist, she's way to unprofessional.
Whadya think?
I think I need to step back and rewrite the theory logically on my Current Theories page, but at the moment that's all I have.
- izi

Anonymous said...

Izi -

I share the same thoughts. Not quite sure about the chronological order of Libby and flashbacks, but we can observe she appeared to be a wealthy widow. Just can't figure how she goes from "rich enough to give away a sailboat" to Santa Rosa.

I should also mention we see Libby offering help to a young woman in the airport before boarding Flight 815. This is the scene where Eko and his miracle subject chat about Yemi. The girl's name is Charlotte and her father is Claire's psychic making a strange round of connections.

It's enough to make you go hmmm...