Sunday, October 26, 2008

LT138: Reader Banter Continues

The comments section banter continues…I’ve paraphrased much because anyone can click on the comments to read them.


“…the Swan Hatch may just be a regulator, but let's put our facts together: the Orchid is far deeper underground than the Swan Hatch. Why would it be so deep if not to get closer to the power source…don't forget what that healing guru said to Rose when she and Bernard went to Australia, about the different power sources. Whatever the power source is, it also has the ability to heal.”

It deserves mentioning that the Time Machine still works even with the Swan Hatch around.


“…why John couldn't kill his father... well, I think there's just some psychological explanation, like why God doesn't kill Satan...emotional attachment, hope for future atonement, something like that.”

And perhaps to keep the battle raging.


“Who's in control? Well, let's look at our options...the Island, black smoke, Jacob, or Hurley (subconsciously). Hey, there could still be a guy in a flaming chariot under a lot of hot stuff, while still pretending to obey the laws of physics! Oh, ya I'm on the side that says Science only works for Fate.”

Recall the Wizard of Oz comparisons…man behind the curtain.


“As for "Changing the rules" could be a million things. Maybe this is some kind of virtual chess game between Ben and Widmore, and Widmore just killed Ben's queen after an understanding. Maybe they agreed not to kill one another or touch each other's family in the beginning of their dispute.”

We are starting to move closer and closer to the “battle keeps raging” thing. One is the Devil and the other is God.


“Eh, I wouldn't give the vid much thought, I didn't the first time I saw it. I think it was just a promo for their DharmaI2 game.”

As far as the game goes, there is no connection yet that I see…other than both were kicked-off at the same event. And last year’s Comic Con video ended up directly impacting the show with those two #15 rabbits. The producers are sitting right there when shown so they are as close to canon as we are going to get.


“There's just one [question] I had that didn't get looked at: Why would Ben tell his people that the Looking Glass wasn't operational? To convince them that people weren't looking for them?”

It seemed like a tactical mistake at the time. Mr. Patchy wasn’t happy with the news and the two girls weren’t probably thrilled about spending a lifetime guarding it only to be killed.

And it gets complicated because Charlie is involved and his sacrifice sure seemed part of some higher plan, didn’t it?

I think Ben didn’t tell his people because that’s Ben. Most remaining scientist likely didn’t know about the Swan it seems, or the Pearl, or the Orchid. He tells them what he wants them to know and even then in half-truths.


“I think that it would be possible to dismiss the Dharma video if it just had Pierre in it. But since Daniel was in it, and there was the mention of the baby, I'm pretty sure it'll have some serious significance.”

I agree that the film rates higher in importance in my mind then B’s mind. I really enjoy thinking the baby is Miles for some reason. Daniel is there in 1970-something and warning Candle way before his time. Yeah, that ended up being a plea for us to join the Dharma game, but let’s not throw the baby away with the bathwater. I mean they did just show us Daniel travels back in time and pre-1984, I might add.


“The thing is, we don't really know that it was Daniel, only that it sounds a bit like him.So what if there was a baby mentioned...the only thing said about it was to shut it up. Whether we find out the identity of the baby can only be told with future episodes, so I wouldn't hold my breath.”

But the possibilities are intriguing. Miles? Charlotte? There are times when the director of the show focuses on an item…the white tennis shoe dangling in the branch in the pilot episode…and we aren’t supposed to miss it. This makes me think even the off-show video focused on that baby for a reason. Imagine sitting in a room as a writer…what made one of them say, “Oh, let’s add a baby crying in this scene.”? Remember, everything happens for a reason.


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