Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LT138: Checkmate


We’ve spent a lot of time lately on time theories, but I have to bring up the fact that loops are gaining in popularity during the off season.

The new twist to share is that some are suggesting the loops are divisible by 4, 8, 16… since Danielle’s distress signal was looping for 16 years. Desmond flashed back 8 years and so on.

If we could pinpoint when Daniel travels back to Dr. Candle in the Comic Con video it could help strengthen some ideas.

Or how about this theory…


The producers recently were quoted as saying something along these lines. The admitted that their team had lost some important pieces but that the opponent shouldn’t get to comfortable. He also said their game strategy was simple: they either win or both teams lose. I found that to be interesting.

So does that make Charlie and Boone pawns which the island required to be sacrificed (a very-Chess like term)?

Could we combine looping with the game so that everyone has played this “game” before? Some pieces KNOW they are looping while others remain blind to it?

Consider we have seen Chess played: Hurley and Mr. Eko’s ghost and Jack and Ben.

The board is 8x8 layout.

Black and white pieces.

Each player controls 16 pieces.

In an attempt to explain logic in reverse, some suggest that Ben was checkmated by Keamey and Company. His only move was to turn the wheel and replace a person as the checkmated King. Ben’s choice: John Locke. Yeah, this would mean Locke got conned again and this pales in comparison to what daddy did with his kidney.


Readers of TIDBITS know I pay pretty close attention to LOST items but this one slipped right past me until this week. I’ve learned that producers confirmed there are off-island Dharma hatches.

That works nicely into my theory of there being an off-island Time Machine, but I had no clue there was some sort of confirmation.

Of course, Ben and Tom have to get off the island some way.

Also remember the Blast Door map which sort of indicated some tunnels went off to nowhere…but they can’t be physical tunnels because the island just moved and it would be flooding somewhere right now.

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