Wednesday, November 5, 2008

LT141: Whose That Man?


Yes, I keep finding these. Ok, the following picture is when Sun is kidnapped from behind by Charlie to make it appear the Others are still a threat.

But that’s not Charlie!


As we struggle to figure out the rules of time on LOST, let me share something that came to mind. When Ben turns the wheel the island’s calendar is late December 2004. He then jumps to October 2005.

How do we know he jumped forward? Because he asked the hotel clerk to confirm it was 2005. This means Ben knew he was jumping ahead in time.

Meanwhile, Sayid has aged about 300 days which includes time enough to get married and see his new bride get killed.

Let’s get this straight…late December 2004 and on this day the island disappears, Ben is in the desert and Sayid is on his way back to the mainland. Yet, Ben is now ten months ahead. Huh? But his arm is still cut and bleeding from an accident just minutes earlier. His body is thus Dec 04, but his environment is not Oct 05.

If that helps you put two and two together, please…let me know!


I see the two producers chatting during an interview where they have been asked, “Who is Jacob?” Cuse is shaking his head saying, “Stop, say no more”, while Lindelof is mumbling a bunch of worthless things like, “He is some mysterious force”. But then I re-watch it and hear something new. Lindelof says, “…in the center of the island…”

If you think back to the Blast Door Map, the question mark was in the center. Someone needs to get back to the Pearl station and have another look around. Find out who was smoking those cigarettes.


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ncjl said...

I noticed that picture too!! IT's a promo picture thought, so I guess it doesn't count. Too bad..
Some one on my blog told me that the cigarette in the Pearl was from Paulo. I guess it was from a deleted scene or something. That's kinda disappointing. If we're really lucky we'll get an X-Files crossover and it'll end up being the cigarette smoking man. Hmm, there's a thought.
- izi

KC said...

On this island it might not even be Sun under the hood! Personally I think it looks like that lady in scene 5, episode 1x09, standing behind the bush, in the shade, looking the other way. She has the same colored shoe as the woman being dragged away by who I think looks like Ethan WITH bullet holes in his shirt.

But I could be wrong! :)