Friday, June 4, 2010

After Lost: A New Direction

Well, we made in back into the country after a month. The final four episodes have been viewed and my first thought is "Wow! What a ride it has been!"

There are plenty of commentaries on the web about what, who, why and when...wait, scratch "when" as there is no when were we are now. HA! So I'm not going to post another follow-up to the series unless you have specific questions to something.

HOWEVER...I am considering continuing this blog under a new name "After Lost". The idea is to play off the term "afterlife", but with the LOST twist to it.


The concept is to continue the LOST story on our own. Every two weeks on a set day (schedules are nice for readers to schedule and expect to read) you could find another "chapter" of the story.

Other posts might be added to as background, discussions, and related topics. The plan is to post items related to the viewers of LOST with the structure coming from my own storyline.

If you are interested, leave a comment. If one person likes the idea then we can kick it off and see where it goes. Maybe it will grow in popularity, or maybe not. Let's find out.


I will comment on the LOST series as a whole: I loved it. Television needed a show like this and the writers, actors and producers did a great job with it. The bar has been raised fro TV and let's hope more shows like this will be coming soon.

So if you like to "think about it", leave a post with your support and ideas.



Fire said...

Glad you finally made it home!
And glad you were able to watch the rest of the show.

I'm actually re-watching the finale now!

It was good talking with you in the Atlanta airport.


Mike said...

Welcome back KC and hope you liked the ending like I did!

Glad to hear you may be keeping up with the blog. I wouldn't mind seeing some ranking blog posts of LOST (i.e. rankings of seasons, characters, 10 best/worst episodes, moments, etc.).

Now that LOST is over with, is there any other TV show similar to LOST that is worth watching? Old or new? I always wanted to give Twin Peaks and Battlestar Galactica a shot. I recommend Carnivale to LOST fans since it shares a lot of themes (good vs. evil, religion, etc.) and is the same genre (drama, mystery, fantasy, horror). Unfortunately it only lasted 2 seasons/24 episodes, do to high production costs, so there isn't a huge commitment to watching it.

KC said...


Small world, huh? Glad you found the blog. If a relate topic comes along sometime be sure to search this blog for the keywords. If it is related to LOST we likely wrote something it.


KC said...


I would recommend tracking/following this blog for updated posts. If the spirit moves me, you'll find some posts here.

Details to follow...


Anonymous said...

Ben said...
Welcome back!
Well, I'm not one to mull over past stuff, gotta keep on moving on to better stuff, other Losts!
But what I'd like to do is compile a list of questions that never got answered, and then nail it to Abrams door, like what Martin Luther did to the church.
I can't think of anything atm, but I'm sure we'll find stuff in your past posts.

Anonymous said...

PS. As far as new shows are concerned, Futurama's starting up again. We can discuss how the ancient Egyptians would think that the big spaceship is a phallic symbol of our culture's drive to expand our knowledge to new territories and yet not learn anything.

Anonymous said...

Ben said...
You've been pretty quiet lately... anything going on? any new blogs?

I don't know if I'm heard, but I'll talk anyway.
I've got some criticism of the finale, first with Jack's "son". In the end, they completely deny his existence. What's up with that? By doing that, they can easily deny the existence of anyone else, if not everyone. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth is all.
Then there's the coupling of everyone in the end. What about Sayid and Nadia? Instead they put him up with Shannon? What about his virgins?
Hope all is okay,

netbook said...

enjoyed visiting your site, great job

KC said...


I finally came across your posts. If you see this one, post again.

There MIGHT be some news coming soon!