Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LT351: Fade to Black

Six years of being LOST.

LOST TIDBITS began as a newsletter distributed by email.

After Season 2 someone introduced me to blogs and TIDBITS went on-line.

I've met readers from several countries and several states. I've met readers who shocked me they were into LOST. Readers have met me and were shocked to discover I'm the "KC".

I heard about a group at an insurance company who used to meet at lunch and used my newsletter as their discussion guide!

An email hit my inbox once from a professor at a college asking for permission to use it in some kind of American Media course!

I've made friends who I'll never meet named Ben, Adrian, a series of initials and Anonymous.

My wife and I even planned a vacation around LOST to see locations in Hawaii. I recall a stranger walking up to me there and asking if I was in the Dharma Initiative! I was wearing a Dharma hat and had forgot it was on for a nice little shock!

I've been lucky enough to have stood where Penny and Desmond stood to have that famous photograph taken. I've been to Daniel's college and Mrs. Hawking's church. We've seen the dock and the strange rock formation.

It's been a good run. The book, "Bad Twin", was a decent read. The jigsaw puzzles and games have been great. It is going to be missed.

Now it is time for LOST TIDBITS to fade to black.

It is the ultimate cliffhanger, huh?

Five episodes remaining and I won't even be able to watch the greatest show in TV history wrap up! Fate can be cruel.

As destiny would have it, we will be in place soon where the "stars are upside down" and the television is in a language I can't comprehend. Eventually I'll see the end, but it will well after you do and people will have moved on to some other cultural phenomena by then.

Fate can be fickle.

So with a short time before we leave, college finals and lots of strings to tie-up...LOST TIDBITS has reached its end.

And maybe this is a preview of the show's ending?! HA! But this is life and I promise if ever given the chance to loop through these events again, I will course correct things so TIDITS could wrap up LOST with you. But until I find my constant and for the time being I have to take solace in the fact that everything happens for a reason.

Thank you for the ride. It's been great and I've enjoyed every hour of my life this show has made me think. Hope you have enjoyed LOST TIDBITS. I'll miss it and I'll miss you, the readers. Good bye.



bARE-eYED sUN said...

and goodluck to you. :-(
you'll be missed.
don't STAY Lost, okay?


Mike said...

Good luck KC! Hope you find your constant and return to the blog later down the road.

Diana said...

I am shocked about this news and will miss you. Good luck in you new life.
(a fellow Iowan in love with Lost)

KC said...

Thanks for the kind words. You might drift out here once a week to see if there are any thoughts to share. But a very busy schedule is right in front of me and knowing I'll miss the final episodes is leading to the end.

I miss it already!


Anonymous said...

Ben said...
I'm glad you didn't have any spoilers from this week's episode... I'm keeping my word on not seeing them til the finale.
It has been a wild ride, and your posts have been the best and only ones I've read and responded to consistently.

Any other shows you think you'd like to comment on? Maybe start a book club? Or maybe even come up with a plot for a new TV series?
That would be fun.

It seems that Lost has the power to be a foundation for relationships, but will those relationships end when Lost ends? I can't tell you how many times I've avoided uncomfortable silences by bringing Lost into conversation.

I hope we can keep this rock rolling. Thanks for all your insights,

KC said...


It has been a wild ride and you've given me some ideas! I'll ponder them while out of the country!

Thanks for the kinds words and super suggestions. Hey, correct me of I'm wrong but didn't we "meet" while playing online Monopoly? Does that ring a bell with you?

It has been a crazy ride and I look forward to seeing the end upon my return in June.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, good luck with your journey, I hope the world treats you well. I am sure you will get through all the episodes when you can. Also you should check out 'Previously on Lost' the band. http://www.itsasickness.com/lounge/adam-and-jeff-are-obsessed-lost These guys can catch you up on each episode through their music. Definitely adds a smile on any losties face.

Anonymous said...

Ben said...
Well, recently I have loved playing monopoly at pogo, but I use a different alias. Ben's not even my real name, he's just my favorite character from lost.
Who knows, maybe we have played together and just didn't know it... like one of those chance meetings Lost liked to add into the plot. We might even know each other in reality and not know it.
To fat chances,