Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LT348: The Lighthouse – First Impressions


Jack’s response to his mother’s question, “Don’t you remember?” when she is explaining he had his appendectomy at age 7 or 8.

Don’t you always remember a major event say after the age of say 3? My tonsils were removed and I recall the playroom at the hospital, the ice cream, and even a little planter someone sent gave me.

So why doesn’t Jack remember?


So Jack has a son in Timeline #2. I didn’t pick up any clues as to who mommy is in the house, but the money should be on Sarah.

Isn’t David another one of those Bible names?

I’m flashing back to Jack living with the Others and spending some time playing the piano.

Of course the lesson to all this was “You have what it takes”. This is each generation trying to reverse the prior generation’s mistakes. We’ve all done our own little “course corrections”, huh?


Lots of life object lessons in this episode. You can only find something when you are looking for it. There it was, right in front of them, and they never saw this structure. Reminds me of a certain cabin Hurley once went looking for.

Are you as frustrated as me with the way Jacob goes about getting his will accomplished? Again, that reminds me of something I hear in church a lot about God’s will and how we don’t always understand it all the time but are assured that everything works out where God is concerned.


Mr. Hatchet (you know who I mean) seemed pretty sincere when he tells Claire that she has her facts mixed up. And yet, her brand seemed pretty real to me. In reminds me of a couple of brandings: Juliet and Sayid.

So the Others grabbed her, but her to the test and discovered she is infected. I agree with the Others. And as with Sayid they don’t seem able to do anything about it. They need someone else to do their dirty work. That reminds me of John Locke having Sawyer kill Cooper in the Black Rock.


My son kept pushing the concept of THREE tonight. He thinks there were only three members of the French team infected at one time. He thinks Smokey divided into three parts at the sonar fence while chasing Juliet and Kate back to Othersville. And it seems that John is currently looking for three candidates to complete his team.


LOST has got be backing to thinking about the show long after the credits have scrolled on the screen. I like that.

The writers definitely have fine tuned the art of cross-referencing the characters and events between the two timelines. We saw games again with Hurley and Miles playing some Tic-Tac-Toe. We have Dogan (spelling?) making sense in both sides of the time wall. I like that.

Claire really impressed me with her acting. She really has left the cute and innocent behind. And even in this new role she showed psychotic-like mood swings with her facial expressions. I like that.

But as before, we have a lot of new questions along with a handful of questions. The worst was not getting a peek at what is written at number 108 on the dial. I don’t like that.

Very strong episode, but doesn’t quite top last weeks, so I give this a B+.


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Anonymous said...

The name "Wallace" was at 108. Don't know who that is.

Michael said...

New theory.
The bomb did not create the sideflash/alternate reality. Something that Jack does in an upcoming episode creates the flash sideways. The side flash is not "if they didn't crash" it's "if they were not summoned/pulled"

Anonymous said...

If the bomb didn't create the alternate timeline then why did Juliet say just before she died "it worked"? To what else could she be referring?

Adrian said...

Yo KC--

I still plan on updating the theory I posted here and at Dark UFO.

But I also had tons of stuff on my mind that I needed to decompress, but really is not a theory...just my own thoughts and observations.

My new LOST blog, which has a link back here, is at:

Anonymous said...

@anonymous: but how could Juliet know whether it worked?

Anonymous said...

It could be that been so close to the event Juliet got a glimpse of the alternate timeline for an instance.