Sunday, February 21, 2010

LT345: Did You Notice?


My memory says the producers once told us to not put so much stock in the Numbers. They claimed they were mostly being used as an entertainment value. Yet, they don’t go away. If one mystery needs explained by the end, I demand it be the Numbers. We say the Numbers on the cave ceiling last week, but that wasn’t the only place...

Notice the clock on John’s nightstand. I’ll admit, I missed it during the show.


Did you recognize the job placement officer who was asking John what kind of animal he was?

It was Lynn Karnoff who we first saw as Hurley’s psychic when trying to rid himself of the curse of winning the lottery! Again, I didn’t recognize her.

So, let’s deviate from I Spy for a moment and ponder how the two timelines differ. In some ways, like Kate, nothing has changed much. Of course she would have landed at LAX and tried to escape. See Kate. See Kate run. It is as predictable as Dick and Jane. But this lady has a completely different path in life (unless she moonlights as a psychic for extra money).

Not that we will get an explanation of why some people’s lives made a 180 degree turnabout, but I am curious as to how not flying through a time travel window over the South Pacific changed people’s occupation from pre- to post-turbulence.

What I’m getting at is that I don’t think Oceanic Flight 815 flashing or not flashing through time is what makes the big changes in the two timelines. It would have be something pre-takeoff that did that. WAY BEFORE takeoff that would make Lynn go from psychic to job counselor. Something like Jacob not even making it to visit the Oceanic 6 and possibly not visiting a whole lot of people.

I’m envisioning the oldest scene we have witnessed (the chat at the beach over a fish breakfast with the Black Rock at sea) but this time it is the Man in Black and Sawyer…or Hurley…or Jack. I’m talking about a MAJOR event that would shift the timelines so drastically that Boone lives and maybe Daniel decides to give up his experiments on rats.

Allow me to ride this horse a bit further. The pre-flight change must be so great that Locke and his father are buddies. Check out the picture you probably missed in Locke’s cubicle and the box company:

It makes it seem they are buddies. And Helen makes it very clear that John’s obsession with revenge on daddy-stealing-my-kidney is not the reason for a separation.

Allow my a little psycho-babble because I’m impressed with the possibility of how drastically our Friends (hey, after six years the Survivors are more friends to me than Ross, Monica and Chandler will ever be) paths can change. Do you remember that movie with Steve Guttenberg and Meryl Streep where they die and in Heaven video is shown of their life as they are judged? I wonder that instead of film footage of your life’s blunders that instead we may be shown all the Butterfly Effect our choices made and that we were oblivious to.

For example: KC, recall that girl you teased in 2nd grade? She lost her self-esteemed, killed herself in her teens, never had a child named Obama and America never got the President it deserved. That led to Congress passing a three-term limit in which Bush stayed in one more term and that allowed China to overrun the United State.

See? It isn’t that I was just a meanie, but the ramifications could be earth shattering. I mean Bush for a third term? Shudders! HA!

It seems as if this is what is happening on LOST for the alternative timeline is so varied in some ways (and little to no change in other ways). So what pre-flight event could be that big of an impact? I’m thinking Jacob never made it off the beach that morning…or something along those lines. Well, see.

Oh, more more thing on the picture...if they were buddies then how did John end up in a wheelchair in this timeline? Or are some things just meant to be?


Did you see Helen’s shirt read, “Peace and Karma”? That one I noticed!

Did you know the song Sawyer is listening to is Iggy Pop’s, “Search and Destroy”? Playing right when Locke Black is searching for Sawyer. The song’s lyrics is about a forgotten boy who is wants someone to come and save his soul. Hmmm…Save your soul Sawyer or damn it?


How did you not notice the spider crawling on dead Locke?

Someone suggests it was the same species that bit Paulo and Nikki and that Locke might not really be dead but paralyzed. Of course, now he is buried to death, but then again…we only saw two shovels of dirt so far. HA! No way this could be true, but it was a good try.


Yeah, school has been hampering my LOST time. I just noticed a tons of emails and comments, so tomorrow I hope to get some quality LOST time in and answer the feedback. I'm activating the comments now, so check them out and come back tomorrow for some replies!

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Anonymous said...

Ben here-
miss my comments much?
I just wanted to say that I think that this alternate time-line is only different least for the passengers of our favorite plane.
So, Locke is still at odds with Dad...after all, how else did he get in the wheelchair? The photo on his desk may be a private reminder of who put him there. Just think, this whole time he was on the island, he and Helen at the latest were in a relationship.
Hurley, immediately post-flight, finally found happiness and rewarded the fortune-teller by giving her a dream job.
And Rose may have been working for Hurley this whole time.