Wednesday, December 2, 2009

LT315: A Little Help, Please


We have not seen the Temple yet. John said that he and Ben were going to the tunnels under the Temple. I wonder what it looks like?

Will Ben have to return for judgment after killing Jacob as he did for killing others? Or is the instruction to do whatever John says going to be his redemption? The obvious conclusion is that Smokey and John are one in the same and Ben is again being a pong of some greater force and game.

The art game is about to come to an end. One more poster remains to be revealed. I’ll summarize when it ends.

ESSAY #7: Alien Intervention

Somewhere on Earth a man claims he was approached by an angel and told to build an item no one on the planet had ever seen, or thought of or heard of. It was built using precise measurements and designs provided by the alien. People who observed the man mocked him…until it began to rain and then Noah had the last laugh.

Somewhere on Earth a group of people were moved to build a place of the dead. There is no record of this event performed around 23 hundred years before Christ. It took over 15 hundred years to complete. And yet no record exists and the technology to accomplish this feat appears to be outside the possibility. And yet…Stonehenge stands today.

Somewhere on Earth tribesmen began a series of carving in order to honor their ancestors and to show the power of their clans. The marvel is the size of these carvings. Some reached 23 feet tall or higher. They were made in a manner advanced for these people around 15 hundred CE. The head statues of Easter Island remain a mystery.

Somewhere on Earth a group of 20,000 to 30,000 workers would gather to erect pyramids in Egypt over an 80 year period. The architecture is amazing and rumors still persist that “outside assistance” would have been required. They house the dead.

Somewhere on Earth a group of travelers discover the remnants of a large statue. All that remains is the lower part of one leg and one foot. The travelers claim they were “abducted by time” and when they awoke the statue was complete. It appears to be the statue of an Egyptian god. The travelers claim that black smoke emits from the base of the statue and appears to be “aware and alive”.


Must admit it was nice to have a little validation on the chess theme. If you haven’t seen the promo to Season 6 running in Spain you can click here:

Producer of LOST calls it one of the best he has ever seen.


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