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LT314: Incoming and Going Out


Ajira Flight 316 crash landed. The year off-island was three years after the Oceanic 6 left. This would make it very late December 2007 or very early January 2008.

When the plane was landing the Numbers could be heard over the radio. Beside the fact that some viewers thought the voice sounded like Hurley, the fact remains the Numbers were looping. It is possible then that the plane also time travelled back in time. Now Sun and Frank (and later Ben and John) paddled to the other island and found the buildings were showing age. However, the Numbers have been looping for 16 years, so it could be that the buildings were in a state of repair prior to Oceanic Flight 815’s arrival, fixed up and then fell into victim to entropy again.

Or the plane could have jumped back just a handful of months into mid-2007. Or more likely to pre-Oceanic 815.

If the Ajiria flight did transport back to an earlier date, then Jacob met the Oceanic 6 AFTER Ben kills him. Let that rattle around in your brain a bit.


No, not that Jack. I’m talking about Jack Bender. He is the producer and lead director of LOST. As you know they rotate directors for each episode of LOST (you did know that, right?). His directing experience includes The Sopranos, Carnivale, and Alias.

It has been confirmed that Jack Bender will be directing the final series episode of LOST.

In a recent interview he revealed that his wife has contributed her voice to some of the hidden messages that we simply know as “The Whispers”.

I’m thinking this is one cool mystery that will not be left unresolved!


I became skeptical very early reading this theory. But it was interesting. Here’s the theory: 99% of the characters are actors putting on some big con game for a small handful.

That’s right, the crash, the smoke monster, and shootings and killings – all faked. It would take a lot of technical trickery and unlimited dollars to pull this stunt off.

But for what purpose? It has been suggested for the sake of a large-scale psychological experiment – like the Dharma Group has been conducting for years.

I’m reminded of those real-life famous tests where volunteers are told they are in charge of an electrical shock device and during testing they had no qualms pushing the button and shocking their subjects. Later it was revealed that the “student subjects” were the actual fakes. I forget the name, but this has been done before but on a much smaller scale.

One twist to the theory was that the purpose of this massive con game is quite serious. It might be to discover a true world leader or a person with special talents, skills and…abilities. Maybe there is some secret society who is looking for a certain person they believe will play a major role in some major future world-event. Once that single person is identified, the purpose of the experiment will be revealed. At that point the show ends with this new leader actually re-entering the world with a real job to do.

Imagine that revelation being made to this “messiah”. From behind a curtain walks a laughing Mr. Ecko, Boone and Shannon and Ethan, etc.

Hey, I don’t label this section CRAZY for no reason!


The rivalry between the two brothers grew over time and mostly due to the growing resentment felt by Lew. Chris seemed to not even notice or acknowledge his brother’s jealousy. While many things would irk Lew perhaps the most annoying to him was a Fan Club established for Chris.

The president of the Chris Fan Club was a man named Chuck. The word “fan” is short for fanatic and Chuck was a full-time fanatic. Chuck was dedicating most of his waking hours to bring tribute to his favorite celebrity. Little else seemed to matter to the president of the club. Due to his hard work the fan club began to gain membership at a staggering rate. This is a major feat considering sport was chess. The game may not have the world’s largest fan base, but they are dedicated and die-hards.

Lew hated Chuck almost as much as his brother. At nearly every event there was Chuck singing his brother’s praises to whoever would listen. So Lew did the only thing he could do: he befriended him.

Until one day fate caused Chuck to become distracted. A woman named Beth decided to join the Fan Club. She lived in the same town as the president and so the two found their paths crossing from time to time. Beth was a beautiful woman and Chuck found himself thinking about her more than his previous obsession. The only problem was that Beth was married.

Chuck began telling himself that he had no chance with a married woman and so he would keep the relationship as friends. But his mind knew that his heart lied. It began with getting together for coffee to conduct some business for the club. As they grew more comfortable with each other Beth revealed that her husband was out of country on assignment for the military.

It was then that an evil planned entered Chuck’s mind. A friend of Chuck’s was also fighting overseas and happened to be in the same platoon as Beth’s husband. Every man has his price and for the right amount, Chuck’s favor was granted.

Over coffee a few weeks later, Beth broke down crying and revealed that her husband had been killed by friendly fire.

Several months later, Chuck and Beth were married. In the receiving line a man met the bride and groom. With proper introductions, Beth told her new husband, “I’d like you to meet the man I suppose is responsible for us being together.”

A puzzled look crossed over Chuck’s face. He replied, “What do you mean, I don’t believe I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting this man.”

Beth explained, “I met him at a local chess club and he thought I might be interested a famous national player, Chris. He then gave me a flyer that told me about your fan club, so I joined. The rest is history. So, I’d like to you meet…Lew.”

Lew smiled and shook Chuck’s hand. The smile on Lew’s face made the hairs stand up on the back of Chuck’s neck.


You might recognize this story as a loose interpretation of two people. First, the groom is Chuck – short for Charles as in Charles Widmore. As we know Charles couldn’t keep his eyes off an outside and had a child with that woman. The bride is Beth which is so of a play on Bathsheba. She is the literary character who King David notices and so orders her husband to the front lines to die so he could have her.


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