Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LT282: The Perception Theory Expands


Well the confetti has been swept up and the cake is all eaten. I’m talking about the celebration for 15,000 hits on LOST TIDBITS!

So, let’s get back to the analysis of LOST. Specifically, the Perception Theory. As you have read, the idea is that the prop errors we have noticed are not errors but clues. The clue is that it depends on our perception. When we see a prop error it means there are two (or more) timelines that are close, but not quite the same.


As I was pondering the Perception Theory an idea hit me: what if we have seen the final loop? Is there a prop error-like scene that shows us the perception that explains the final outcome?

I propose there is such a scene and that is John Locke’s sweat lodge dream.

First, recall (or go back a few posts and revisit) that we noticed that stairs seemed to play a role in all this. For example, the prop error of choice is Miles going up and down the stairs as the picture frames change. Or when Boone has the vision of his nanny falling up the stairs and down the stairs. Well, John’s dream sequence is a) with Boone and b) involving stairs. Ok, the stairs are escalators, but work with me.

Let’s take a quick look at a few points in this post…


In the dream, John is told he will need his wheelchair. Why? I believe it is because that is how the final loop will end for John. Once in the wheelchair, always in a wheelchair. Fate will course correct – not as in improved walking skills for Mr. Locke, but back to where he was destined to be.


One of the more interesting things about John’s dream is that Desmond is shown as a pilot. Recall in previous posts we mentioned the title of episodes may have been a clue, specifically the first one, “The Pilot”. Could the clue be Desmond will end up being an aircraft pilot? He does seem to be on the fringe of the Survivors instead of tightly integrated with them.

As a side note, one reader reminded me that I forgot one pilot to mention: the pilot of the Black Rock. Oh yes, that person has to figure into the story to support the Perception Theory! Good catch!


This should generate some conversation! Let me know what you think. Next time out we will take a look closer at the dream and the other outcomes for our Survivors as well any evidence to support this Perception Theory.

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Greg Tramel said...

i think Des is more a symbolic pilot and we will find out what that entails final season but i'm thinking it may have something to do with a phoenix rising

Des the Phonenix - see ya in another life brotha

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

The other thing from the sweat lodge dream that stood out, Boone telling Locke to forget about Desmond, that he was always in it for himself. Everything else from that dream we have seen to pretty much occur in one way or another. I've always told people that the sweat lodge dream was a very important part of the show.