Sunday, July 12, 2009

LT280: Cloud Thoughts

Cloud Thoughts are those times when you lie on your back, look up at the clouds passing by overhead and just think about random stuff. One such thought was about the timing of the personnel in the Swan Hatch…


We’ve met Stuart Radzinsky in 1977. In at least in one time loop Radzinsky was a button-pusher in the Swan Hatch. He was there long enough to be partnered with Kelvin Joe Inman.

It is estimated that Kelvin arrived after the Purge, so let’s say late 1992. Kelvin was previously a military member stationed in Iraq during the Persian Gulf War. This is where he crosses paths with Desmond.

My cloud thought is this: could Radzinsky have EVER made it through 1992? If so, this means the Swan Hatch gets built instead of blown-up by Juliet’s rock-inducing explosion. My other cloud thought is: doesn’t that cloud on the left look a little like the Jughead bomb?


When giving this theory some consideration, I happened to be looking for that scene with Miles going up and down the staircase where the picture frames changed. It seemed the episode titles might be some clues for this theory. Here’s some examples:

The Pilot – as you are probably aware, the first show in a series is called the “pilot episode”. Not even sure where this term comes from, but we are left wondering if Season 1, Episode 1 is a “pilot episode” or if the pilot episode is entitled, “The Pilot”.

From my perception, it seems the answer is “The Pilot” – as in a capital “P”. It is about the guy flying the plane. I’m thinking that all crafts that have crashed on the Island are operated by persons who are pilots. Planes for sure. Hot air balloons, I’m pretty sure they are called pilots. Does one pilot a ship?

Our list of pilots include: Desmond Hume, Henry Gale, Seth Norris aboard Oceanic 815, pilot on the staged Oceanic aircraft, pilot of the Coast Guard transport plane with the Oceanic 6 aboard, and Frank Lapidus who piloted two aircraft so far – the helicopter and Ajira 316.

From my perception, I think the person piloting the aircraft is a major clue.


Orientation – these falls right into the Perception Theory nicely for your orientation affects your perception.


Whatever Happened, Happened – I wonder if this title is not one of the biggest clues. In terms of the Perception Theory, it seems this title explains only one of the perceptions. For example, notice the used of the past tense. Both sides of the statement are in the past. Only from the perception of looking back would this be true.

In thinking about this episode title, it seems the proper title should have been “Whatever Happens, Happened”. In other words, the things going on now (and in the future) are predestined to occur. In fact, there is nothing clever or noteworthy of saying, “what happened yesterday has already happened”. That’s a big Duh! So instead of just being obvious, I think it is a major clue.

From my perspective the title is really saying that whatever happened to a) an individual in b) one of several time loops did actually occur for those two conditions. But it in no way precludes from other things happening for other people at other times. Clear? HA!


I was hoping the official LOST magazine that came out last month would be great, but was a bit disappointed. It celebrates the 100th episode of LOST and happened to be edition number 23 – so you can see why my hopes were high.

If I tried real hard to find some interesting angle it would be that the focused on the episode, “The Variable”. They even have two editions and the variable is the cover where Locke and Ben are found on the special edition. Maybe that one contains a bit more. I’ll keep you posted if I find something.


Send me an email or leave a comment if you have a discussion topic you would like researched or discussed. On Wednesday’s post, you will find my proposed Perception Theory end game!


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Greg Tramel said...

my latest is season 6 is a do-over BUT we have ALREADY seen season 6 do-over scenes during season 1-5

the long con is on US, the viewers

as for the picture frames, this time Miles gives the money to the grandmother

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Don't forget the pilot of the Black Rock...