Sunday, July 5, 2009

LT278: I've Been Framed!


The Perception Theory is based on observations of what some viewers consider to be prop errors. Other viewers consider the prop errors to have a reason and with those people I agree.

Consider one the more obvious (and strange) prop error. It deals with Miles in a flashback as a spiritualist. When he arrives at the woman’s house to deal with her grandson’s spirit, he goes upstairs. On the wall along the stairs are pictures as shown below:

When Miles finishes his work, he comes down the stairs as we notice the picture frames have changed:

This example is great because I believe this can’t be explained away as human error. The scene was likely shot on the same day. This reduces the chances that someone took down the pictures and then days later put them back up in different frames.

By the sheer magnitude of the number of prop errors we have observed, it is time to say these are NOT prop errors.

If we remove prop errors as an explanation of visual adjustments, then we are left with only a handful of possible alternative explanations. One of those explanations is the Perception Theory.


We perceive that Miles going up the stairs is attached to Miles coming down the stairs. WRONG!

Instead my theory suggests that we have been shown the same event but at different times. When we repeat stories to others there is always a bit of an adjustment unintentionally made. Likewise, if we were to repeat events – experience the same events – there is bound to be a bit of an adjustment each time.


As a side note, it is interesting to note that the frames line stairs. Stairs is not one of the objects found on the list of LOST clues. The list I’m referring to would include shoes, color, body parts, etc, but I haven’t seen stairs listed very often.

It takes me to the painter, M.C. Esher, and his work shown below:

This fits with the optical illusion discussed in a couple of posts back. What we seem to perceive is not always the case!

Speaking of stairs, one of the most unique mention found in LOST involves Boone. In two visions a phrase is repeated, “Theresa falls up the stairs; Theresa falls down the stairs." Only in a Escher-like world can one fall up the stairs. More on this in a later post!

And speaking of Escher, I found it odd that another of his famous paintings is this one:

Creepy! Maybe we have stumbled upon a line of investigation which provides some insight and changes our…well…perception!


Good to hear from readers even during the off-season…I promise to jump in with some additional thoughts in the next LOST TIDBITS. Ms. Wendy’s perception suggestions are excellent and Greg’s supplemental ideas found in the comments are MUST reading.

And we have a couple of older posts regarding the Michigan Tablets that I will get back to. Once caught up on those then…


In two posts from now, LOST TIDBITS we will some more clues that support The Perception Theory in ways you may not have thought about before. The next post will look at episode titles and hidden meanings we find when we shift our perception.


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Greg Tramel said...

the more i think about it i think our characters are going to “flash-forward” to 2004 for a 2nd go-around and things play out again but with slight variations

maybe this time Claire and Aaron get on the helicopter together

Miles ends up back on “earth”, maybe he hears something different this time on the radio about the 815 right before he does his ghostbusting with the dustbuster

this is the time we see the pictures changed on the stairway, so that part we saw before with him going down the stairs was actually this 2nd go-around