Wednesday, July 1, 2009

LT277: The Circle


Yeah, it is off-season and not a whole lot of news to report. Hoping for some sort of game or maybe they will start up the messages again. But in the meantime, you’ve got TIDBITS!

So I’m working on a new theory called the Perception Theory. The idea behind this is that maybe the show is best explained based on the viewer’s perception of things.

We already know this to be true in one sense. The show has revealed things via flashbacks and flash forwards that makes us go, “Ohh, so that’s why…”. One example is seeing how one of Danielle’s crew members lost their arm. It is those revelations that filled most of Season 5.

But could there be a more subtle perception issue going on?

Over the next few posts, my goal is to share some possible perception concepts to ponder. We begin with the show’s original name.


It has not only intrigued me that the show WAS called “The Circle”, but why they changed it. It may have been to keep the real meaning hidden – at least a while longer since we all found out.

Above is a picture of a circle. But if we apply our Perception Theory, is it really a circle?

When we turn it to the side we might find this:

In many ways this changes the meaning. For example, the spring gives the suggestion of expansion and loops. When looking at “The Circle” from one perception results in a continuous path. But from a side-view perception we find the meaning shifts to suggest cycles (loops).

Could this be the first clue of the show?

Often I’ve been reminded of The Sixth Sense movie. You had to watch it twice to prove to yourself that your powers of perception could use a little practice. Frustrating and cool at the same time. When I find myself comparing that movie to LOST, the number of comparisons is striking.

So what happens when we revisit past seasons of LOST with a new perception? In the next post this weekend, I will share on scene where we MUST adjust our perception in order to see what is really being shown!

For those of you who are intrigued by those famous “prop errors”, you will want to read the next post of LOST TIDBITS!


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Anonymous said...

Hi KC,

You might have covered this. But if you haven't, Michael in the episode " Special" Season One, talks to Walt about perspective ( in the terms of art/drawing) But there are quite a few things that might be playing with the audience "perspective' of Walt's character, like with the bird crashing into the window/polar bear attack. Both images were in books he was reading. We are to assume that he caused the animals to appear (from our perspective) But from watching the mobisodes too, with the birds crashing right outside of Room 23's boarded up window, I wonder if what might be special about Walt is more " magnetic".

Both polar bears and bird have a physical draw to magnetic poles. It's almost like a built in compass. Interestingly, I also read that cows supposedly follow magnetic north. There are cows on the island too. Might have been part of some of the experiments ( as well as dinner. :) )

So, is Walt like magnetic north? Does he have magnetic properties that they wanted to study like what was in the Swan Hatch. Why were they studying the properties? To harness it for time travel. Is this why Ms. Klugh asked if he showed up in places he shouldn't be? Is Walt his own " Time Machine"? Is he not prophetic but has seen the future with physical eyes through time travel ( Like what he told Locke about not opening the Hatch or him in a suit on the beach , surrounded by people who wanted to hurt Locke)?

Could be...or it just might be MY perspective ( for now)

Greg Tramel said...

Ms Wendy i'm REALLY digging you idea about magnetic Walt, over at Bigmouth's blog


we are talking about the Jacob’s Tapestry so hope you don't mind i quoted you there as background for my comment

"so back to the tapestry, maybe Jacob's touch infused a magnetic property into our 9 Lost characters aka "The Nine" (oh, no don’t get me started on that, google The Nine Andrija Puharich if you want to go down that rabbit hole)

and one can look at this magnetic idea both metaphorically and as physical scientific property which may be at least partial reasons why our 9 crossed paths on “earth” and ended up on the Island (aka Sirius A) together

sorry, I’m stuck, LOL, on these magnetism and Sirius ideas these days but after what we saw in The Incident there very well may be something there

oh and to take it a step further MiB is negative and Jacob is positive in the magnetic sense and metaphorically" Greg Tramel