Wednesday, June 24, 2009

LT275: Michigan Secrets


I’m thinking back to Jack being taught the “count to 5” lesson. We see Jack was upset with that but it turns out that it was pretty helpful advice. Was this an example of Jack being “stuck” and needing nudge from someone?

A few minutes later, the Apollo candy bar gets stuck in the vending machine and it to needs a nudge. SIDE NOTE: How does anyone ever die from a vending machine falling on them…I mean really?

The thing the struck me as different was that Jack took the help from Jacob without embarrassment. But getting the advice from dad was a little tough to swallow. And yet we might have a clue that Christian is actually one of the good guys – even after death.


In one of the scenes with Juliet there is a book on the coffee table. It is entitled “Mystery of Ancient America”. Ancient? Oh well. Anyway, this book has a chapter on the Michigan Tablets. This is new to me but it seemed promising.

It turns out there is a story in these tablets about two brothers, one evil and the other good. It designates positive and negative events from the Bible and shows how to distinguish between the two polar motives.

As time permits, I’ll try to learn more – especially how to identify good and evil. I’m sure there are some subtleties that make the “Lion of Judah” appear similar to the “lion who wanders to and fro seeking whom he may devour”.


I can’t get the shoes out of my head…or maybe I should say feet.

We have Sawyer stepping on darts with bare feet. We have shoes references everywhere. Then I’m thinking of the Jacob and Esau connection and am reminded that one grabbed the heel of the other during childbirth.

If you have any ideas on how shoes play into LOST, I’d love to hear them.


Anyone else think that Jack’s last name might be Bauer? I saw a photo seen below and noticed the amount of blood. This guy could work for CTU any day.

Juliet should really be dead after that fall. But will the baby survive?


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Synchromystic Librarian said...

hmm, the Michigan Tablets story sounds very promising, is it online somewhere?

a lot of theorists insist that island Christian and the Black Shirt guy are 1 in the same and therefore evil but i'm with you, we're not sure who the good guys REALLY are

so you really think Juliet is pregnant, could be

KC said...

I must admit that during the off-season that some rumors get spread around just to keep the interest up. But I'll do some follow-up on each of your points and then let you decide.

My bet as of this comment:
* Michigan Tablets - real
* Two or One - two
* Juliet Pregnant - I'll bet no because of the fall makes it twice as difficult to say she delivers a baby


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hi. Nice blog. Re: the Michigan Tablets. Not aware of them, but you should check out the Georgia Guidestones.