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LT274: Hearing Voices


I was reading about how Locke might be hearing voices in his head. The details are fuzzy, but something akin to getting suggestions from outside sources, not the psychotic type of voices.

In several religions it is believed that the Holy Spirit “speaks” to people through various means. The popular methods are visions, dreams, written word, and by quiet prompting. These are some of the methods that John has experienced such as his vision in the sweat lodge and his dream with Horace chopping down trees.

An interesting point of this theological theory is that there is a conflict within. The concept is that we are born with a sinful nature and once converted, we then have a second influence within our…um…let’s go with the word “soul”. This begins a life-long struggle.

Now if we apply this to LOST then could it be that John is hearing two voices? He could have one from the good side and one from the bad side. When we think back to the past seasons it does explain a lot of things on how John Locke seems to know a lot.

John’s term for the voice in his head is “the island”. We all give our gods a name and John is no different. What he fails to realize is that he is getting advice from both sides. Some of the advice is from Jacob and some is from the Dark Shirt Man. Until he figures out who is speaking when, he is going to have that lack of committed faith in knowing what to do.


I wondered then if the Whispers aren’t in some way a factor. As mentioned above we can get a lot of messages from a lot of different sources. Sometimes it is just life giving us notice. I read a book that suggested that there are a lot more angels walking around then we might think. That is sort of creepy thought that a bunch of dead people are interacting with us still, but one has to wonder.

On the island of LOST it seems like a real good possibility. And the Whispers could be another manifestation of those people who have “gone on before us”.


It seems that the idea of possession just won’t go away. We usually use that word with “demon possession” and I’m willing to go there since the Dark Shirt Man seems to be evil.

We’ve have gotten some pretty strong hints that Smokey and the minions of Bad Town can influence people. The best evidence of this being Danielle’s expedition team.

When I drift through the past seasons it becomes more and more clear that Locke doesn’t act like himself. But this quirk of behavior isn’t so much an ability of knowing it will stop raining in two minutes. No, it is more evil when you stop and think about.

For example, when playing Risk, Hurley comments on how he feels Locke is trying to get everyone to fight amongst themselves.

Another time Locke in Season 1 knocks Sayid over the head. He then convinces Sayid that it was Sawyer who did it. Further, he gives him a knife to get revenge. None of those things are very Christian-like.


I’ll wrap this by offering Star Wars as a comparable. Fans of the movie know that there is a central struggle of giving into the dark side or serving the good side. This is a common theme in nearly everything. As the Bible says it, “No man can serve two masters, for he will love the one and hate the other.”

We aren’t getting references to Star Wars just because the writers are fans. We are getting the references because John Locke is our Aniken. And our little Ani is spiritually growing up.

Hey, isn’t Ani sort of like Annie…where have I heard that name before? Hmmm…


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