Wednesday, June 10, 2009

LT271: Double Take


For me the double vision began with the book “Bad Twin” was released. The book itself is a cheesy detective story that I would have put down long before finishing had the LOST tie-in not been present. But it does get credit for clearly introducing the idea of twin brothers.

Since that book we have had lots of mirrors, reflections in the water and eyes, and loops. It would seem obvious by now that we should focus on the parallel universes and all the double meanings.

Then it hit me one day – we have TWO islands.

The thing that fascinates me now, but escaped me before is mostly the lack of discussion about the presence of two islands. One could argue that the second island was a mere convenience due to proximity, but after the island moved, well, the little brother island went along for the ride.

Are they connected in some way? A TIDBITS reader, MDJ, once proposed that they were indeed connected by the same land mass but part of the “bridge” is submerged. If that is the case (and a fine explanation at that), we still have a decent span of water between the two islands.

And to say they are a passing fancy, well, then why do the authors have so much time spent with the characters in boats going between the two?

Speaking of migrating back and forth…how did the polar bears get from the Hydra cages to the main island to attack Sawyer and Ecko?

It might be wise to revisit the “move”. Did the little island move too? Or was the movement in time and thus the “normal” little island just still happens to be nearby? Is there a connection to why the non-Flashers like Sun land on the smaller island?

It would seem that during the off-season it would be fitting to explore the second island’s purpose a little closer. Leave your thoughts on this topic!


There is a lot of re-watching the past seasons goings on this summer. One observation worth mentioning is how LOST appears to be support the law of opposites.

Example, Kate gives Jack her real name. This is opposite of what she has done to everyone else off island.

Example, money has no value. Even Sawyer doesn’t want Nikki’s diamonds.

Example, by Season 5, John is Jack and Jack becomes like John.

This reminds me of a story from my days in Sunday School where it was observed that Heaven is a place of opposites. We make streets from concrete and horde our gold on earth, yet the streets are paved with that gold in Heaven. The whole value system gets flipped like a mirror image. Hmmm…

Could the mirror thing be a mirror of humanity? Some say the window to the soul is the eye.


If one of the Jacob’s is in possession of John’s body via some transference method, then would Miles be able to identify him since he can talk to dead people? Wouldn’t Hurley be helpful with this as well?

If so then both had better watch their backs!


Here is one of the best shots of the tapestry:

I haven’t had time to examine in detail, but isn’t that a ship at the bottom? Is this a timeline of sorts?

Let's make this summer interactive - leave your thoughts in the comments link below!



Anonymous said...

Looks like the lower left corner has a piece missing. Possibly the portion with the statue that Ilana found at the cabin.
Great blog, by the way. Enjoy reading it.

KC said...

Good eyes! Consider that the missing piece found by her was held on the wall with a knife for her to find. Hmmm...


mswendy said...

Hi KC,

It's hard to tell with the spinning wheel obstructing it. But I think there might be two boats on the bottom of the tapestry. One looks like a sailboat, like Des' boat, is closer to where the cut out part is ,that featured the statue. And this would be reminiscent of when Sayid,Jin and Sun found the statue from the sailboat in Season Two.

The other boat looks more like the raft that Michael and Jin built in Season One. It has a similar sail and even has a figure, at the base of the sail. This recalling the iconic scene of the raft being launched in " Exodus" Part One, with Sawyer raising the rectangular, makeshift sail.
( I'm probably reading too much into it..but hey,it's the