Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LT266: Taking Another Look at the Incident


Greg, a faithful reader of TIDBITS, is going to love this one. Check out the three pictures of the feet of the statue.

(Photos are from an external website that I lost the citation for. These are not mine and the credit belongs elsewhere)
It seems as if we may have another one of those prop “adjustments”. I’m going to freak if in the end they tell us to slice the show into two shows like every time it rains, or switches from day to night or every 8 minutes or something. Then watch it make sense in parallel. Now that would be tricky.

A video showed up on the LOST YouTube channel. It pointed to a Twitter account that includes postings that amount to please to Jacob. One post mentioned that “karma” was involved as Widmore’s company stocks were dropping. But isn’t everyone’s?

I’ll keep you posted if we hear anything more.


Anyone notice that Bernard offered Juliet tea? Then she held her hand over her stomach. Did that mean she wasn’t hungry or that the baby will be fine? Hmmm…


Anyone notice that it wasn’t storming when we saw the Black Rock? That counters the painting at the auction. And it counters the idea that a wicked storm blew the ship so far inland.

Jacob appears to have caused the ship to find the island. Were these recruits for Jacob’s purpose? Did they split sides and fight over possession of the island? Is this a microcosm of human’s nature?

Someone said to think Noah’s Ark.


Recall that Ilena was in the hospital bed with her face bandaged. Could the surgery have altered her appearance? That means she could be almost anyone prior to the hospital stay. What if the show how that accident happened and we learn Ilena was really someone else. Maybe Nadia?
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dyanna said...

I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

KC said...

Thanks Dyanna. The next blog will be this weekend. TIDBITS will be published each weekend and mid-week - typically Wednesday and Sunday.

My family lost a dear friend this week, so the schedule has been a bit unpredictable. But keep checking back.


Greg Tramel said...

these double visions are giving me a headache, there are WAY TOO many of them, another changing picture frame (cabin dog) to boot

i like this thought on how the black rock got inland

...Locke turning the Wheel was likely the cause of the statue to fall...turning the Wheel also caused the Island to move and possibly scoop up a certain ship that we saw floating in the water near the Island. The next time we see the Black Rock (assuming that the ship is the Black Rock) it was in the middle of the jungle