Friday, May 1, 2009

LT255: Using Your Senses


Did you see the opening credit for LOST had stars added to it? And the USS Enterprise is sailing through the letters. This is tip of the hat to JJ Abrams movie coming out soon, Start Trek.


Did you see the magazine on Faraday’s couch? It was “Wired” from August 2003. It includes an article on the validity of time travel.

And as a side note, “Wired” magazine recently did that feature on Hurley and JJ Abrams. Hurley’s deal was some game using numbers – imagine that. Abrams was an interview that had some interesting revelations about how his projects work.


Did you see Kate walking away from Jack and Daniel when they were on their way to the Hostiles? My mind said, “Oh, she’s giving them some space so Jack can work his magic and get some answers.” But then she appears again getting in close range of the conversation. Not sure what to make of it, but it caught my eye and seemed worthy of mentioning.

Oh, and she did the same thing with the Hunting Party. We never did see how Kate was captured but we saw everyone else.

And that one-on-one breakfast with Ben. Don’t forget the producers told us that the original plan was for Kate to be the leader of the Survivors.

When the Survivors were using Claire as bait to catch Ethan, Kate also disappears during this scene. What’s up with her mysterious “breaks”?

Kate has always had a tendency to be in the middle of every major mission. And too often, she ends up goofing things up, “Sorry Sayid, I broke your transmitter when I dropped it out of the tree”.

I’m just saying…keep an eye on that one.


Speaking of eyes, did you notice what color Ms. Hawking’s eyes are? Blue. And Widmore’s? Blue. Recessive alleles tell us that Daniel has to be blue eyed. Consider that Widmore was slapped for saying he was Dan’s father. So, maybe only in figurative terms, but in reality there is a Mr. Faraday running around.


Remember the metronome ticking away at Daniel’s piano? Daniel knew the exact number of ticks just like Rainman. But did you hear his count was 864? That’s 108 x 8 = 864. And you thought the numbers didn’t mean anything!

What mother in the history of time has ever told their child that they can NOT take piano lessons no matter how badly the child wishes? LOL!

Actually I’m starting to wonder if the Numbers are a sign that a person is on the right track. If you stuck around after LOST to see Michael in that cop show “Unusuals”, then you noticed that his character kept seeing the number 42. I took it as a sign that I was suppose to watch the show, but exercised my new-found-Daniel-like free will and wrote a blog entry instead.


Did you notice the grant amount that Daniel won from some industrialist? $1.5 million pound – another Number!


Did you hear Daniel say he wanted to use Jughead to destroy the matter under the Swan? First, that won’t work with an atomic bomb. Second, how does Daniel know about the Swan as he has never seen it? I’ll give him some leeway on the Orchid hatch and its power, but seconds after seeing that tooth go through the skull of a worker, Daniel is tell Dr. Cheng he knows the exotic matter under the Swan hatch is 10,000 times more powerful.

How does he know this? When he arrived Desmond had already turned the key. When he was doing those time flashes he saw the top of the Swan hatch, but never got inside and sure didn’t know about the contents beneath it yet.


Did you feel the submarine was a better option of escape than going to the beach and starting over? Speaking of feelings, did you feel the way Juliet looked at Kate when it seemed she was about to hang with Sawyer a while longer?


Did you feel creepy when the doctor said that the nurse would watch little Charlie at the hospital?

Sorry, but with the events of late, no way is my kid getting out of my sight. Anyone recognize these two people? Doesn’t the redhead remind you of anyone?

And isn’t Widmore standing outside the hospital? Is this kid never to be seen again?


Did you almost taste the pound cake and punch when Sawyer invited everyone over?


Did you get that bad taste in your mouth this episode? I mean talk about a paradox: go back in time and get shot by your mom before she even gives birth to you. No wonder Miles wants his daddy to remain in the dark.


Did you smell those rabbits roasting over the fire pit? Yummy.


Did you smell Indian food when Ms. Hawking took Daniel sans Rachael to lunch? Didn’t Sayid have an incident with an Indian restaurant?


I’m a bit taken aback at how prevalent the theory is that Daniel is dead. Didn’t we see Ben “almost die”? And John? And Mr. Patchy? And a surgeon is just a rock’s throw from Daniel. I’ll admit it looked like a kill shot, but you know what I mean.

Besides, he can’t die. Don’t you think the video he makes with Dr. Cheng/Candle still has to be made? Or is Daniel’s death the final proof that one can change events? Hmmm…


Michael, a faithful TIDBITS reader, points out the gun play was totally out of whack. First, you think all Dharma janitors are issued keys to every door, jail cell and gun vault? Are they required to dust in a gun safe on a regular basis?

Second, Faraday is a man not prone to violence and often afraid of his own shadow, but here he is in a big hurry to get to the Hostiles and he wants to stop and pick up a gun?

Third, at that close of range, someone should have taken a hit. And when did Jack find time to practice his target shooting while being a doctor?

Fourth, it just didn’t make sense. They could have gotten away had they hustled and they didn’t need guns to go meet the Hostiles. I think it was Kate who suggested it and yet she was just out there with them. By now, the Hostiles should be use to Kate bringing them delinquents.


You can read about what would happen if Daniel did stop the Incident for occurring. And we will examine why Ms. Hawking is suddenly in the dark about the future.

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