Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LT254: The Variable Initial Thoughts


Can we predict the future of LOST? In this episode of LOST? Yes, you bet!

Charles is daddy to Daniel - knew it. Teresa was his lab assistant - check. Daniel was losing his memory - yep. Desmond lives - yeah, yeah.

So you might assume that I'm going to rate this episode as sub-par. Wrong! Didn't see that coming now did you?


I like this episode because of the reason I like LOST: it has deeper levels then what appears on the surface (this is a pun in there somewhere). While we are getting answers by the boatload lately, there is still a hidden agenda that runs just out of reach of our grasp.

For example, Eloise shooting her son. Come on, you can't say you called that. And we a-l-m-o-s-t got the reason why, but Widmore kept her from saying why outside the hospital.

Also consider the underlying theme of sacrifice as Charles can't interact with his own daughter.

Likewise the sacrifice of Teresa in the name of Daniel's research.

And the mysterious conversation with Eloise and Penny where she tells Penny that for the first time she doesn't know what the future will hold.

The biggest mystery of late is still not being discussed much, but who are these Dharma people? How do they know the future? Why are they guardians of the world? On what scale is this being played out.

Yeah, plenty of "hmmm..." left in this show!


Daniel's big promise is to use the variables (people) and get Oceanic Flight 815 to land at LAX. How is he going to get the people back on board that plane?

I was watching and thinking if I was Jack: Oh great, I get land in LA in order to bury my father, watch my ex-wife marry another guy and pour myself into my work for the rest of my life.

Or if I was Kate: Oh great, Daniel can put me back in handcuffs in order to stand trial. Super!

Sawyer: he seems to have figured out that there is nothing to go back to.

Hurley: could see him wanting to get back on board as he promises himself to do things the right way in terms of handling his money.

Jin: Yeah! I'll be on board with my wife sitting next to me. Of course, I'll be sterile and never have my "own" daughter.

Daniel had better make sure everyone WANTS to get back on that plane.


Not that much into the cute scenes but you'd have to be grumpy to have seen little Charlotte with her hand in the chocolate jar and not have thought, "Aaaaawww". Hee-hee. And now we know what she meant about some scary man coming up to her.


I'm still not buying that three people with guns can waltz into the Hostile Camp.

Or does this imply the Hostiles "knew" Ben was coming and went out to meet them?

Or is Kate such a good tracker that she led the group down a path that isn't every monitored? Nah, that was a stretch. They could have easily marched him into camp with hands in the air and then pulled out the guns. Or left them behind all together. That scene just didn't fly.


* Why was Miles intent on keeping his identity hidden from his father?

* How do people know there are 864 beat on a metroanome?

* So Desmond did take a bullet but love (and a lot of adreneline) seemed to push him on to defend Penny

* Why did Radzinsky change into black jumpsuits?

* Did you like Daniel telling his mom, "I can make time"?


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Michael said...

Were you thinking that Daniel was literally going to get those people back on the plane or were you thinking in the figurative sense as they would be accepting their impending futures if they plane were not to crash?