Wednesday, July 23, 2008

LT108: Comics - They Are Not Just For Kids


We expect an update on LOST and Octagon Recruiting from Comic Con in San Diego this week. In the past, the producers have shown up with something interesting. Two years back, their Q&A session was interrupted by Rachael Blake of the Lost Experience game. Last year, they showed the Orchid Orientation video in all its glory. And we know that Octagon is recruiting for the Dharma Initiative this year.

Another thing LOST TIDBITS is keeping an eye open for is a series of workshops labeled “The World of Scott Ditko”. Scott Ditko is the artist of the comic book story, “March Has 32 Days”. This comic story was in the comic book that Richard offered to Locke when asking John to choose the items that were his. See earlier LOST TIDBITS post for more details on this story.

If you don’t wish to sift through past postings, then here is a nice link:

And the producers always tip their hand about something during their Q&A session, so keep checking back for your updates.


It seems that the web site is gaining dots. Yes, tiny dots on its logo. The pattern seems to be that of doubling up. Last check we were at 32 and the time before 16. Wait, it had 24 at one time too. Ok, forget the doubling pattern but do check it out. If you recognize some image, post a comment here. My personal feeling is that it is filling in some kind of image that will reveal a secret of some sort. Some say if you squint, it looks like a butterfly. Could the message be metamorphosis?

It has also been observed that the logo could just be rotating 90 degrees each day. Gee, how many degrees did Ben turn that wheel?

The website for the dots is:


Astute readers must realize that I simply gather information from the 4,223,161,584 web sites about LOST and summarize the good stuff here. Yeah, you’re welcome. So be warned as this section is all mine! LOL!

I recall an old theory about time looping. It seems that looping has fallen out of favor with many, but these dots on the Octagon and the rotation of the logo and wheel prompted me to revisit the theory. The details are fuzzy now, but there was a post of mine about repeating 1962 and fixing the Bay of Pigs incident. However, the theory was that we only trade one crisis for another in the end.

For example, Desmond saw Charlie die in a vision about four times. Well, the final ones couldn’t have been true unless the first vision was altered…and it was. Wasn’t the first the lightning rod? Anyhow, this supported the looping or time adjustment concept.

So it is possible that with Ben turning the wheel we averted a disaster and are simply looping again? The test case for this theory is to pose to the Octagon recruiters at Comic Con this question, “Do you remember Dharma Initiative 1?” If they stare at me and respond, “This is the first DI that we know of.”, then I’m liking this re-do thing more and more. If the respond, “Yes, but this is better because of the lessons learned the first time”, then I’ll come back and delete this post!


I know this isn’t LOST, but with a slow summer, I need content. And let us not forget the similarities we have found between the two shows. Imagine how pleasing it was to discover Heroes is doing little mini episodes on-line this summer. They have two up right now and it was great to see something new.

Check the two out here: and keep checking back for new content. Oh, and don’t overlook that the mailman’s first name is Echo. For a total of six minutes of footage, this was some pretty cool eye candy.

And while there check out the comics - adult graphic novels is the term they use.


Again, nothing LOST related, but we did get the chance to see this movie and I highly recommend it. If you think Ben’s performance creeps you out, just wait until you see the Joker’s performance. I still have nightmares and it has been 4 days.

In my opinion, this film is not for kids whose age is only one digit. It explores the human nature of mankind like LOST does with its interpersonal dynamics. The difference is that no one wins any morality points in the film. But then, at one point I thought Michael was going to make a good father to Walt, so what do I know?


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I promise I won’t mention this again for at least another time loop or two. HA! Seriously, I do appreciate the readers and expect nothing from you other than knowing you enjoy reading the postings. If you have the opportunity to click an ad once in awhile, it would be the best way to say thank you.


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